14 Halloween Cookies You’ll WANT to Bake


These Halloween cookie recipes are yummy, fun to make with the kids, and perfect for a Halloween party food!  Here are recipe how-to tutorials for easy Halloween treats which include Halloween cookies like candy corn macarons, ghost meringues, spiderweb sugar cookies, witch hat peanut butter cookies, gooey monster eye cookies and dracula denture’s to name a few.

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Halloween Cookie Recipes

Halloween Cookie Recipes

1.  Candy Corn Macarons ~ For a delicious and fun Halloween treat, these candy corn macarons are a must try. Made of plain macaron shells, vanilla buttercream, and candy corn sandwiched in the middle and on top for decoration, these sweet treats look lovely and taste even better!

2.  Black Cat Cookies ~ No cookie cutters required to make these fun black cat cookies.  These are a great project to have little ones help with in the kitchen because there are many steps that are purrrr-fect for  little hands.

3.  Trick-or-Treat Cookie Recipe ~ Fun Halloween shaped cookies with a surprise in the middle.  Just like a pinata, but an edible version.

Halloween Cookies

Halloween Cookies

4.  Gooey Monster Eye Cookies {halloween cookies} ~ For a delicious and fun Halloween treat, these Gooey Monster Eye Cookies are a must try. Made from a yellow cake mix, cream cheese, butter, food coloring and candy eyeballs on top for decoration, these sweet treats look spooky and taste even better!

5.  Chocolate Peanut Butter Spider Cookies ~ Delicious peanut butter cookies with a truffle for the spider body.  

6.  Witch Hat Peanut Butter Cookies ~ Peanut butter cookies with a Hershey’s Kiss in the center.  It makes the perfect shape of a witch hat.

7.  Dracula’s Dentures ~ Make your own chocolate chip cookie dough or use store bought to make these spooky Dracula cookies.  

8.  Oatmeal Peanut Butter Monster Cookies ~ The nice thing about this Monster cookie recipe is that I’ve yet to meet a person that doesn’t like them. They are just so full of goodness {oatmeal, peanut butter, M&M’s…} that I don’t know how anyone could resist.

Easy Bake Recipes

Easy Bake Recipes

9.  Ghost Meringues ~ Don’t throw away leftover egg whites! These crispy ghost meringue cookies are so easy to make, yet will make a spooky impression! 

10.  Spiderweb Sugar Cookies ~ These delicious cookies look like they’re straight from a bakery, but they’re so easy to make and decorate your young children can help you with them!

11.  Chocolate Pumpkin Mummy Cookies ~ Those gingerbread cookie cutters aren’t just for Christmas cookies.  Use them to make Halloween mummy cookies.  Boo-ya! 

Easy Halloween Treats

Easy Halloween Treats

12.  Easy Pumpkin Patties ~ These adorable Pumpkin Patties are actually a no-bake recipe, but I couldn’t resist not showing you.  They’re the perfect treat for the kids to help with.

13.  Pumpkin Pie Jack-o-Lantern Bites ~ How to make these darling pumpkin pie bites.  Leave them as they are or drizzle chocolate to decorate them.  You could also make cute jack-o-lantern faces on them too!

14.  Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies ~  I love that these cookies are super soft and have a ton of flavor.  My kids LOVE them too.  They don’t last long around here.  Be warned, this recipe makes 5 dozen cookies.  They are THAT good.  {{smiling}}



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