How to Make a Spook-tacular Halloween Mantel


Decorating for Halloween is one of my favorite things ABOUT the holiday {besides the candy, of course}.  I just adore the challenge of making or displaying items that could be just plain scary and adding fun elements that make them not-so-ghoulish.

A great place to showcase your Halloween decorating skills is the MANTEL.   Even if you are not crafty at all, you can make a spooktacular mantel in a snap!  {{knuckle bumps}}



how to make a spooktacular halloween mantle

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If you are like me, then you have been collecting items over the years.  I have a ton of Halloween decorating items, but each year I can’t resist picking up more.

Some common items that you probably have out year-round are candlestick holders, candles, silver serving items, and maybe even a candelabra.

If this is your first year decorating, don’t worry!  You can pick up fun Halloween items like headstones, owls, crows, rats, jars, and cloth inexpensively.  You can seamlessly integrate them with items you do have so that you don’t break the bank.  {smiling}


halloween wreath mix



Mix Items

Don’t be afraid to mix your Halloween decor items.  You do not have to be matchy-matchy, and I adore mixing textures and patterns.  Be sure though that you don’t use too many colors.  Stick to 2 or 3 colors so that the eye doesn’t get confused.

You can absolutely mix spooky items with fun items to make a mix that’s just plain spooktacular; like this wreath.  Using a wreath made of feathers that are light and fluffy and on the feminine side, I mixed glittery foam pumpkins and berries (fun) with a skull (scary).  Tied up with a ribbon, it’s a great example of Halloween spooktacular.



halloween ghost wreath



Add Homemade Items!

Make your own decorations!  They make such a difference and make your mantel look semi-homemade, even if it’s just one item!  This ghost garland was made in a matter of minutes using scissors, felt, and thread.

Make your own ghost template, or print one out online, cut out your ghosts, and then add eyes to the ghosts with black thread.  String up your ghosts on twine, thread, or string and you have a fabulous garland that’s totally homemade.



halloween mantle complete



Layer, Layer, Layer!

Add interest to your mantel by layering items.  Stack decor items on top of each other, like a crow on a headstone or skull on a candlestick.

Use a garland or banner to draw attention to the scene and add interest.  Disguise everyday items to make them work for your Halloween theme, like paper pages over a mirror.

I also love the idea of using a creepy cloth to encase items and to drape around decor for just another layer of spooktacular.  The ideas are limitless!  {{wink}}



Complete your Halloween decor here…



diy wall spiderweb halloween decorations to make
DIY Wall Spiderweb {halloween decorations to make}



door sign
Halloween Chalkboard Door Sign {Halloween Decor}




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