35 Halloween Party Ideas for Kids


Throw a Halloween Party your family and friends will remember for years to come.  It’s party time with these best Halloween party ideas and theme ideas.  They include party games, party drinks, dessert tables, gross Halloween party food, indoor Halloween party games, outdoor Halloween party games and party favors to throw the best Halloween parties!

The Tip Junkie Halloween site has 381 Halloween ideas with pictured tutorials with to play together on Halloween.  You can always search there if you’re looking for more cool games. {wink}

Halloween Party Ideas

Fall Festival {Halloween carnival}

1.  Fall Festival {Halloween carnival} ~ This carnival themed Halloween party will keeps kids entertained for hours with the creepy concessions and graveyard games.  The tutorials for the googly eyed cups and chairs are also included.

Halloween Party Ideas

2.  Halloween Party Ideas ~ This fun Halloween party theme plays off of the two most traditional Halloween colors, orange and black.  Use all of these fun ideas to throw a orange and black Halloween bash of your own, or take the ideas you love and incorporate them into your own Halloween party theme.

Skeleton Social

3.  Skeleton Social ~ Gauze, potion bottles, apothecary jars and skeletons are some of the spooky decorations used for this Skeleton Social.

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Are you loving these 35 Halloween party ideas that we are featuring from super creative women?

How to Make a Spooktacular Halloween Tablescape {free printables}

4.  How to Make a Spooktacular Halloween Tablescape {free printables} ~ “No tricks, just treats”, this adorable Halloween tablescape is adorned with bats, chandeliers, candy, adorable cake and the best part…free printables to help you easily make it yourself!  {{knuckle bumps}}

Black & White Halloween Party

5.  Black & White Halloween Party ~ Check out this fun black and white spider web Halloween party! Learn how to make your own party decor with these amazing tutorials.

Best Halloween Parties

Easy Halloween Party Decor

6.  Easy Halloween Party Decor ~ Here is a post featuring a beautiful Halloween party spread! With the theme of the decor black, white and metallic you have chic setup that your guest will adore! Use this as your next Halloween party inspiration and you’’ll wow your guests with a grown-up and stylish version of Halloween decor!

Trick or Treat Party

7.  Trick or Treat Halloween Party ~ Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat.  Isn’t this party absolutely adorable?!  Ric rac, witches hats, haunted house silhouettes and treats all in black and orange.

 I Scream You Scream Witch Halloween Party

8.  I Scream You Scream Witch Halloween Party ~ I’ll get you my pretties!  Super fun ideas for throwing an I Scream You Scream Witch Halloween Party that the whole neighborhood will want to attend. Includes a yummy ice cream bar and lots of decoration inspiration.

DIY Halloween Silhouette Balloons

9.  DIY Halloween Silhouette Balloons ~ Make plain orange and white balloons more festive for the holiday by adding silhouette die cuts.

Indoor Halloween Party Games

mummy game

10.  Mummy Dress-Up ~ A fun team game to see who can make a mummy the quickest.  Divide the children into groups, give them crepe paper or toilet paper and let them wrap a mummy.  It’s fun, easy and cheap!

Pin the Spider on the Web {free printable}

11.  Pin the Spider on the Web {free printable} ~ This Pin the Spider on the Web Game will be the hit of your Halloween party. Not only is it ADORABLE to look at, it’’s fun to play. Use the free printable to make yours.

Mad Laboratory Halloween Party Game {free printable}

12.  Mad Laboratory Halloween Party Game {free printable} ~ This party game adds the right amount of spooky and eerie to your Halloween party.  Party guests stick their hands in the jar sto feel different items like bat ears, zombie brains, rat heart, severed wizard ear and plucked cat eyes.

Pumpkin Toss Game {Halloween Games}

13.  Pumpkin Toss Game {Halloween Games} ~ How cute is this pumpkin toss game!? Easy to create with some pumpkins, paint, tags and vinyl. Great for a Halloween or Fall themed party! Check out this post for the full tutorial!

Halloween Party Games for Kids

DIY Witch's Hat Pinatas

14.  DIY Witch’s Hat Pinatas ~ No-smash pinatas that can be reused year after year.  It’s simple, it has a pull string for the goodies to fall through.  {{smiling}}

Halloween Carnival Cupcake Walk Kit

15.  Halloween Carnival Cupcake Walk Kit ~ Keep little ghosts and goblins occupied with this Carnival Cupcake Walk game. The printable kit includes full-page numbers 1-12 for players to stand on as well as mini numbers 1-12 for drawing the winner. This game would be perfect for classroom parties and church parties!

Halloween Favor Ideas

Witch Candy Covers {free printable}

16.  Witch Candy Covers {free printable} ~ Wrap up candy with these adorable witch covers.  Download, print and cut.  Easy peasy!

Simple Halloween Treat Cups

17.  Simple Halloween Treat Cups ~ Learn how to decorate paper cups into fun Halloween treat cups.  Perfect for holding small candy or party favors.

Mummy Treat Box {free printable tag}

18.  Mummy Treat Box {free printable tag} ~ Mummify a take out container with crepe paper for a spooky treat box.  Use the free printable BOO tag to attach.

DIY Paper Ghost Pouch

19.  DIY Paper Ghost Pouch ~ Simple sewing skills is all you need to make these adorable ghost pouches.  Stuff with small candies for an easy party favor.

Non-Candy Halloween Party Favor

20.  Non-Candy Halloween Party Favor ~ Fun googly eye rings pair with this free printable to make cute non-candy Halloween treats.

Skeleton Halloween Favor 2-jpg

21.  Skeleton Halloween Favors  ~ Looking for an easy and quick party favor?  Print and attach this adorable tag to a plastic skeleton.


22.  Halloween Lip Balm {free printable} ~ If you are going for the non-traditional candy free Halloween these chapstick labels are perfect. Print a sheet of them, wrap them around your dollar store chapsticks and gift away.

Lolly Pop Ghosts

23.  Lolly Pop Ghosts ~ A classic treat, a lollipop, is transformed into a ghost using kleenex tissue and ribbon.  This would be a great craft to include the kids on.

Gross Halloween Party Food

Brains Cupcakes

24.  Brains Cupcakes ~ These bloody brain cupcakes are sure to gross out party guests.  Using a round piping tip and pink dye will help achieve the look.

Whole Wheat Witch Fingers

25.  Whole Wheat Witch Fingers ~ These Witch Fingers may look wicked, but they are wickedly delicious! They are buttery rich cookies with an almond flavor. Dip them in blood (strawberry jam) for more wicked fun.

gross-ology party food

26.  Gross-ology Party Food ~ Plan a menu of gross food for your next party or for a fun snack for the kids.  Some of the menu ideas include scabs & pus, dirty diaper, rat droppings, dirty band-aids, ear wax and a plate of worms.  Yucky, but so much fun!

worm sandwich

27.  Worm Sandwich ~ Surprise your kids with this fun dinner – or really get them worried by telling them you will be serving worms {evil laugh}.  These would also be fabulous for an insect/bug themed party or for Halloween.

Dessert Table

Caramel Apple Bar

28.  Caramel Apple Bar ~ This Caramel Apple Bar is a genius food idea for a party.  Guests can dip their apple slices into their favorite toppings.  Since the apples are cut into slices they can have a smorgasborg  with their choices.

 Monster Brownies

29.  Monster Brownies ~ Chewy, moist and chocolatey goodness topped with purple frosting, jimmies and candy eyes for the ultimate monster treat.

Frankenstein Cupcakes

30.  Frankenstein Cupcakes ~ What kid wouldn’’t love these super cute Frankenstein Cupcakes?  These would be perfect for a Halloween party or a classroom of enthusiastic children.

Halloween Character Pops

31.  Halloween Character Pops ~ Halloween is the perfect time to get creative with treats, and these character pops are no exception.  These will be the hit of any Halloween party! {{high fives}}

Mummy Oreo Balls

32.  Mummy Oreo Balls ~ Make your own delicious oreo balls with a twist, a festive mummy.


Gummy Worm Drinks

33.  Gummy Worm Drinks ~ Here is a clever way to make delicious Halloween drink! It’s an easy and yummy drink to make that uses gummy worms, an ice cube tray and soda. Whip some up to quench your little ghosts and goblins tummies before trick or treating!

Easy Halloween Drinks

34.  Easy Halloween Drinks ~ Serve up some fun with this monster Halloween drink! It’s sure to excite both kids and adults. They are so simple to make you will be surprised. And, how cute is the peep on the straw?

Candy Corn Punch

35.  Candy Corn Punch ~ A refreshing and festive Halloween beverage that looks like candy corn using pineapple chunks, orange juice, whipped cream and Fanta.

35 Halloween Party Ideas for Kids

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