14 Handmade Gifts for Kids


Here are cool DIY Christmas gifts for kids. These home made gifts and toys are perfect for kids aged 2 to 9 years old and include pictured tutorials for a chalkboard laptop, Lego Pocket Pals pillow, a shark robe, gingerbread crayons, texting gloves and a Brave inspired arrow pouch.

Create a new Christmas tradition or do a simple activitiy for kids with these awesome holiday crafts!

Things to Make

Anthropologie Inspired Chalkboard Laptop

1.  Anthropologie Inspired Chalkboard Laptop ~ For $20 you can make this Anthropologie knock off that is fun to use and looks pretty darn fabulous, too.

Lump of Coal Christmas Gift

2.  Lump of Coal Christmas Gift ~  You’ll just need the licorice candy and a bag to stencil to make this adorable Lump of Coal Christmas Gift that will leave the recepient smiling.  {laughing}

Pocket Pals Pillow

3.  Pocket Pals Pillow ~ Kids will love having a place to store their Legos, Polly Pockets, and other small toys while they sleep.  The best part is that you won’t need to worry about stepping on them in the middle of the night!  {{wink}}

Pal Pocket Pillow Runner

4.  Pal Pocket Pillow Runner ~ Here’s a super easy gift that your child will love. Even a beginner can make this pocket pillow runner that can safely hold special toys through the night!

Shark Robe Tutorial

5.  Shark Robe Tutorial ~ This project is for an intermediate sewer, but the cute factor is so strong that I had to include it.  Slightly harder than a hooded towel, this shark robe tutorial is so adorable I can’t stand it.

Home Made Present Ideas

Gingerbread Crayons

6.  Gingerbread Crayons ~ Here’s a great way to make crayons is fun shapes that kids will love.  It’s a particularly perfect way to recycle broken crayons and make a gift that doesn’t cost any money!

Homemade Gifts for Kids

7.  DIY Camping Set ~ Look at this adorable camping set that includes tutorials for the tent and campfire. It’s perfect for pow wow’s. And, who doesn’t love a happy camper?

8. Dolly Diaper Bag Tutorial ~ I heart this darling dolly diaper bag.  It’s the cutest knock-off American Girl Doll diaper bag!  Your little girl will scream with delight when they see this under the Christmas tree!

Spoon People Felt Roll Up

9.  Spoon People Felt Roll Up ~  This roll up is sort of like a crayon roll up, but with the newly popular spoon people that I’ve been seeing all over the internet.  Here’s how to make one!

Sprout's Play Shop

10.  Sprout’s Play Shop ~ This is a really cheap and easy way to make a fun and original play shop for your little one. A great tutorial to use dated or extra furniture.

Tool Bench

11.  Childrens Tool Bench ~  Everyone needs a good space to create and this children’s tool bench from a DIY book shelf kit and some extra screws and fixtures from a ‘real’ tool bench will delight your future carpenter!

Homemade Gifts for Kids

12.  Superhero Mask ~ This superhero mask is reversible! So cute on your little superguy. Also, matching personalized superhero cape.

Brave Inspired Arrow Pouch

13.  Brave Inspired Arrow Pouch ~ Whether or not your kiddos are into the movie Brave, this arrow pouch is adorable.  Make bow and arrow play fun with this DIY arrow pouch that has left me swooning!

DIY Texting Gloves

14.  DIY Texting Gloves ~ Texting gloves are a must these days, so to save a big money, make your own.  The great thing about these, is that you can customize them and make them truly one of a kind.  {{fabulous}}

christmas_in_july_new_2 copy-jpg

We’’re continuing our Christmas in July with more amazing pictured tutorials for homemade gifts, DIY decorating, free printables, and recipes.

Homemade Christmas Crafts Homemade Gift Ideas

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