20 Happy Chinese New Year Crafts


Celebrate a Happy Chinese New Year with these festive Chinese New Year crafts, traditions, food, coloring pages, and celebrations for the family.  These Chinese New Year crafts for kids include paper lanterns, Chinese drums, dragon masks, dragon marionette, spiral snake, paper plate panda, goldfish kite and an egg carton dragon.

Tip Junkie has 30 Asian themed patterns all with pictured tutorials to learn how to make.  You can always search there if you’re looking for more  patterns with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year

1.  Chinese New Year {dessert table} ~ Create your own beautiful and inexpensive dessert table for your Chinese New Year party.  Some of the fun treats include rice krispie dragons, fondant blossom flower cupcakes, panda white chocolate covered oreos and fortune cookies.       Chinese New Year Traditions 2.  Chinese New Year Party {Party Ideas} ~ This exotic and vibrant Lunar or Chinese New Year Party is absolutely stunning!  The decor  is simple and chic in red and tangerine.  There are beautiful paper lanterns as well as paper cup wrappers.  The favors are fantastic.  Fans and tea bags! Chinese New Year Traditions 3.  Chinese New Year Surprise Party  ~ This party was a surprise adoption shower, but could easily be used as a Chinese New Year party.  It was themed around the year of the dragon.  The color scheme was red and gold.  There were an abundance of lanterns, tassel garland, and fortune cookies.

Chinese New Year Crafts

Chinese New Year Crafts

4.  Chinese New Year Lanterns ~ One of the most recognized symbols of China is the red lantern.  This simple project has a free pdf file to download and follow.  These lanterns would be perfect for Chinese New Year.  Create them in different colors and they would be adorable for any other type of party!

How to Make Chinese Drums

5.  How to Make Chinese Drums ~ Make some noise with this fun Chinese drums.  They’re a simple craft to make using paper plates, beads, string and a popsicle stick.  A great project to make with your children!

Chinese New Year Animals

Chinese New Year Animals

6.  Chinese New Year Dragon Marionette ~ Chinese New Year wouldn’t be the same without a brightly colored dragon marionette.  You can make this adorable marionette from paper cups, craft paper and googly eyes.

Chinese New Year Animals7.  Goldfish Kite {Chinese New Year} ~ In China, goldfish signify abundance which makes this a great craft to commemorate the day.  Kitchen paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls were used to make the base of the fish.

Chinese New Year Animals

8.  Origami Bunny Garland {Origami}How cute are these origami bunnies? Perfect for Easter and Chinese New Year. This little rabbit is functional and easy to fold. You can also string them together to make a garland.

Chinese New Year Animals

9.  Spiral Snake {free template} ~ Make a long spiral snake craft for kids for the Chinese New Year.  The template is free to download.  Kids can decorate it and add googly eyes.

Chinese New Year Animals

10.  Paper Plate Panda ~ Children can learn about circles, sizes and body parts with this easy craft with some simple cutting and gluing.

Chinese New Year Food

Chinese New Year Recipes

11.  Chinese Lantern Cookies ~ These are too cute not to share.  And, I don’t really know what Jackfruit Buttercream is, but it sounds divine!

Chinese New Year Recipes12.  15 Savory Spring Roll Recipes ~ Spring rolls make a light, fresh appetizer or meal and these 15 recipes with different variations are sure to please!

Chinese New Year Recipes13.  Asian Lettuce Cups with Ground Turkey & Green Apples ~ “Asian Lettuce Wraps” or “Asian Lettuce Cups” is the most requested recipe on my site.  I’ve updated the recipe to be lighter, more refreshing and healthier.  No goopy cornstarchy sauce!

Chinese New Year Recipes

14.  Asian Infusion Tenderloin ~ Marinade a tenderloin with an Asian inspired set of ingredients for a tasty spin on this cut of meat.

Chinese New Year Dragon

Chinese New Year Dragon

15.  Egg Carton Dragon ~ A terrific way to make a Chinese dragon by using recycled egg cartons.  Kid’s can paint and decorate the carton and mom can attach the body and add red felt for the tongue.

Chinese New Year Dragon

16.  Chinese New Year Dragon Mask ~ A free mask to download, print and color.  Kid’s will enjoy decorating their own mask.

Chinese New Year Traditions

Chinese New Year Traditions 17.  Paper Fortune Cookies ~ Writing and displaying simple expressions of wishes for good fortune in the coming year is a great family tradition.  You can make them with paper and baking cups.  Easy and fun!

Chinese New Year Traditions

18.  Chinese New Year Red Envelope {free printable} ~ Red envelopes are a Chinese tradition that gives good luck and wards off bad spirits.  You can add some cash to the envelope for good luck and prosperity.  Download and print the free envelopes.

Chinese New Year Coloring Pages

Chinese New Year Coloring Pages

19.  Chinese New Year Coloring Pages ~ These printable coloring pages and activities is a great way to teach kids about the Chinese New Year celebration. The free pages include the zodiac animal coloring pages, a street scene, the Kitchen God, dot to dots, the Chinese flag and more.

Chinese New Year Coloring Pages

  20.  Medieval Dragon Coloring Page ~ A black and white version or color version is available to download and print.

More Asian Themed Crafts

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