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DIY Home Improvement Planner {free printable}


Home Improvements take an amazing amount of organization! This Home Improvement Binder contains everything you’ll need to get and stay organized while making improvements to your home.

Whether it’s simple decorating to full out home renovation, this Home Improvement binder will help you keep it all together.  {{I’ve got your back!}} Simply print out the contents of this file and let me do the organizing for you!  {wink}

There are many ways to use this home improvement binder to help plan and organize your home renovations or simple decorating tasks.

DIY Home Improvement Planner

How to organize your new DIY Home Improvement Planner:

  1. Print out the worksheets from the Tip Junkie Home Improvement Binder included here.
  2. Three hold punch them into a 1-2” binder.
  3. Insert a zippered pouch to hold receipts
  4. Insert 8-10 page protectors for manuals, magazine ideas, printed blog posts, etc.

Home Improvement Binder

 EHprint   Free Printable File:
DIY Home Improvement Planner (49565 downloads)

You’ll find the TJ Home Improvement Binder broken down into easy to access categories!

Six Main Categories:

  1. Inspiration
  2. Plans
  3. Estimates
  4. Receipts
  5. Before and After
  6. Manuals

1.  Inspiration

  • Checklists by room of things you would like to do.
  • A Inspiration file.
  • Track online links for products and ideas!
  • Store torn sheets from magazines.

2.  Plans

  • Track your budget and money spent for each room or project.
  • Keep track of fabric swatches and names of fabrics.
  • Keep track of paint colors, the formula sticker, and type of finish of the paint.
  • Sketch a map of furniture placement or keep a design worksheet.
  • Store helpful tips/links on how to place furniture, cabinets, or whatever is going into the room.

3.  Estimates

This just might be one of the things you’ll hate the most, but is so important to get multiple estimates on every project.

  • Keep estimates from contractors!
  • File big lists of recommended contractors, landscapers, handy men, etc.

4.  Receipts

Keep every receipt for every item you purchase that applies to the home remodeling project in one place!   This will save you time if you have to return an item or if something is faulty.

  • Keep receipts from when and where item was purchased.
  • Keep contact information for the companies who made the items {if necessary}.

5.  Before and After

Definitely take a lot of photos during the process especially when you begin.

  • You’ll love having before and after photos of your own home.
  • It’s helpful to have before and after images of inspiration!

6.  Manuals

  • Wondering where to store your manuals for products (like TV, dishwasher, etc)?

Now you just need to insert sheet protectors and you are good to go!  I hope that this Home Improvement Binder is as helpful to you as it’s been to me.  I’m all about designing ways to make life easier and more meaningful!

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  2. Thanks for sharing how to set-up the Home Improvement workbook. This has eliminated a lot of loose papers everywhere. I can also get a clearer focus of my true project with everythin g together.

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