13 Beautiful Home Made Ornament Templates


How to make a home made ornament to decorate your Christmas tree or as a great present is simple!  These homemade ornament patterns include salt dough, cinnamon, origami, kids crafts ornaments, and even printable ornament templates.

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Home Made Ornament

Homemade Ornaments

1.  Homemade Ornaments ~ These personalized and blinged out ornaments are gorgeous and easy to re-create.  Inspired by a Ballard Designs ornament  and Z Gallery Votive, these homemade ornaments look amazing.

Photo Ornament

2.  Homemade Photo Ornament ~ This cute photo ornament is made with a metal juice can top!   On the front of each ornament is a photo and on the back is a little something about that person.  I think they are adorable!

Salt Dough

DIY Salt Dough

3.  DIY Salt Dough Ornaments ~ Salt dough ornaments are an easy holiday craft that everyone can make, and you can make them as simple or as complicated as you like.  Don’t you love how these are executed?  Properly stored, they last a very long time!

Snowflake Gift Ornament

4.  Snowflake Gift Ornaments ~ Salt dough is easy to make and uses three ingredients you already have in your cupboard {flour, salt and water}. You can make gift ornaments these to match whatever paper you are using or just to hang them on the tree. It would be really fun to have kids make them to go on gifts for the family, too!

Cinnamon Ornaments

Cinnamon Spice Ornaments

5.  Cinnamon Spice Ornaments ~ This terrific recipe is easy and fun and the holiday scent will last for years to come.  It’s not edible though!

Apple and Cinnamon Heart

6.  Apple and Cinnamon Hearts ~ This tutorial for making wonderful smelling cinnamon hearts can be used year round depending upon the shape you cut!  I love that heart shapes can be used year round!

Origami Ornament

Christmas Kusadama Balls

7.  Christmas Kusadama Balls ~ These flower balls are beautiful and easy, but time consuming.  Perfect for crashing in front of the tv with a movie on a rainy day, these ornaments aren’t going to break when they fall off the tree!

Origami Star

8.  Origami Star Ornament ~ Can you believe this is a paper star?  Origami is a very inexpensive and easy way to make handmade ornaments, gift tags or home decor.  Glitter is a great way to bling up origami ornaments, too!

Kids Crafts Ornaments

Kids Crafts Ornament

9.  Homemade Christmas Tree Decorations ~ Use basic craft supplies and some unexpected repurposed items (like packing peanuts) to create unique homemade Christmas ornaments.  These easy to make decorations are the perfect family friendly Christmas activity.

Ice Cream Cone Ornaments

10.  Ice Cream Cone Ornament ~ Make fun & colorful ice cream cone ornaments. Use purchased cone wrappers, or personalize and make cones from your favorite scrapbook papers. Paint a foam ball the “flavor” of your choice, add sprinkles (scrapbook brads) and a cherry (pompom), and glue the ball to the cone. Add a ribbon and you’re done! Fun for kids, too.

Glittered Plastic Ornament

11.  Glittered Plastic Ornaments ~ Make a set (or two) of glittered ornaments (using plastic ornament balls from the craft store) to give as Christmas gifts this holiday season. Plastic ornaments are perfect for families with children, or those with curious little kitties.

Printable Ornament Templates

Printable Ornament Template

12. Colorful Christmas Tree Ornament ~ Three free printables to create a crazy, colorful Christmas tree ornament.  The fun designs and free Christmas tree template can also be used to make a colorful paper tree bunting.   This printable Christmas craft is great for all ages.

Christmas Ornament Printable

13.  Christmas Ornament Printables ~ These fun printable ornaments come in a few color combinations.  You can print in any size you need using your graphics program, even Word.

More Ornament Patterns:

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