12 Home Organization Stations to Get Organized {DIY}


Home organization stations can be beautiful and functional!  Organizational systems can not only lighten our load, but provide beautiful focal areas in the home!   Here are 12 home organization stations that will inspire you to get organized that you can create for your own home!   You’ll find ideas for organization and storage as well as beautiful ways to arrange them!  Who is with me?  Let’s organize it and create some serious eye candy!

Home Organization

1.  DIY Homework Station ~ Whether you are a homeschooler or just need a structured place for the kids to sit and do their homework, this transformation from living room to homework desk is pretty amazing.  Looking at the before and after you would never guess that this was the same room.

2.  Media Center Organization ~ Open floor plans call for some creative organization, and extra shelving that can house books, paintings, media (TV) and a wine rack is perfect for a space that combines both a kitchen and family room!

3.  Laundry Room Organization Station ~ The amount of detail put into making the laundry room functional is amazing in this room.  You can get so many ideas about making the “chore” of laundry simpler from iHeartOrganizing!   Also, don’t forget to printout my free stain removal guide for your laundry room!

4.  Garage organization ~ If you use your garage as a workspace Ty Pennington recommends putting in a functional countertop, buying more tools than you think you’ll need and hanging tools!

5.  Peg Board Storage Room ~ Why not transform your “spare” room or mud room into a pegboard room and organize it into “zones”?  The organizational possibilities are limitless!

Get Organized

6.  Kids Activity Station ~ I adore this kids activity station using a re-purposed crib!  There’s a hanging white board, a chalk board table, a drying rack for paintings, and organization buckets and such.  Fantastic!

7. Makeup Organization Station ~ This makeup station is super clever, especially for a college student, or someone that can’t organize their makeup in the bathroom.  This makeup organization station can be put together for under $50 and hangs in the closet with a lighted mirror for makeup application!

8.  Jewelry Display Organization ~ Dangly earrings are all the rage right now and this fun little  earring stand made from a picture frame, is a great way to hang and display all your must-have dangling earrings!

9.  Wrapping Organization Station ~ Creating an efficient workstation for wrapping presents should be #1 on everyone’s organization list!  {wink} Seriously!  How many times have you dashed around frantically trying to find the scissors, tape and wrap and then a clean surface to wrap it on?  It’s so nice to have a wrap station that houses everything you need to wrap – year round!

Ways to Organize

file folder organization

10.  File Folder Organization ~ If you have a pile of clutter that hangs out in a central location in your home and needs organization, then this file folder organization should be right up your alley.  It’s portable, offers a way to file your important papers, and has a place to stash your keys and cell phone!

11.  Basket Organization System ~ The thing I love about using baskets to organize is that they are so versatile.  You can organize so much with them.  Take this bench for example.  The baskets are used to store toys, but so many things could be stored in the baskets.  Shoes, school papers, crafts, gardening supplies, photos.  The possibilities abound!

12.  Mason Jar Organization ~ There’s been a resurgence of mason jar organization lately, and I can see why.  Using uniform, clear jars makes a great way to organize and the free printable labels offered by The Pretty Blog are fantastic!

More Ways to Organize It

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  1. I loved the earring holder tutorial! I can’t wait to make one. Do you have tips for being organized and storing things in small closets? I’m going from a walk in closet at my house to my fiancee’s house with literally only 2 bedroom closets a livingroom/ kitchen one long rectangle. I’m having trouble! Thanks

  2. I am huge fan of organization and recycling. When I saw the crib that was turned into an activity station for kids, I fell in love. That is a perfect idea, especially when you know you’re done having kids.

  3. I really hate clutters inside the house that’s why i always tell my kids to keep everything toys that they use every time they are done playing. I really like your toy storage. its very simple and child friendly.

  4. These are so nice ideas! I wish to have know them earlier. Now, there’s a lot of organizing in front of me!

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