Christmas Homemade Card Templates


make cardIt’s that time to start looking for creative inspiration for Christmas card templates!  I’m gearing up to host your homemade cards in the 3rd Annual Christmas Card Contest right here on Tip Junkie!

Please send me all of your Christmas Cards and Family Letters so we can all be inspired and come up with something really cool to show off to our friends and family.  I’ll start featuring them next week.  {{squeal in delight}}

Homemade Cards

Submit Your Old & New Cards

I would LOVE to feature your old and new holiday cards on Tip Junkie.  It’s really easy!  Just blog about your cards and then send me the link via my submit form.  If you’re a Mom-preneur and would like to give away a prize to the winners, let me know.  It’s a great way to get a ton of exposure for the holiday shopping season.  Feel free to email me your cards or Mom-preneur prizes: laurie {at} tip junkie {dot} com (no spaces).

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