16 Homemade Scrubs ~ Sugar, Salt, Facial, and Body Scrubs

A homemade scrub doesn’t only exfoliate and moisturize your hands, feet, and body but it also makes an amazing gift!  So here are 16 home made scrub recipes that include sugar, salt, facial, as well as body scrubs to turn your dry winter skin smooth and silky.

Homemade Scrub

1.  DIY Delicious Scrub ~ Scrubs are a wonderful way to exfoliate and feel fresh and clean.  This scrub has both sugar and salt and combines the delicious scents of coconut, lavender and almond oil.

Homemade Facial Scrub

2.  Oatmeal and Chamomile Face Scrub ~ Relax and pamper yourself with this soothing and easy facial scrub.  You probably already have most of the ingredients in your pantry. {it looks like this blog is no longer on line so here’s a similar chamomile and oatmeal face mask recipe from Fruetcake!}

3.  DIY Sugar & Olive Oil Scrub ~ The best way to soothe and heal your skin during the harsh winter months is to exfoliate and moisturize.  This sugar and olive oil scrub does both.

Sugar Scrubs

4.  DIY Skin Polish Scrub ~ Make yourself a batch of this indulgent brown sugar scrub.  It’s perfect for in the shower on elbows, knees and heels  that seem to get drier in the winter. It is so easy to make and only uses two ingredients, brown sugar and body wash.

5.  Sweet Ginger Skin Polish ~ This sugar scrub is incredibly easy and fully customizable.  A terrific companion for the shower to exfoliate with.  It would also make the perfect gift for someone who has sensitive skin that dries out easily during this time of year.

Sugar Scrub Recipe

6.  DIY Hand Scrub {recipe how-to} ~ Make these yummy sugar scrub jars using ingredients from your kitchen.  They are scented with mulling spices.  Add some pretty labels and ribbon and you have a great gift.

7.  How to Make Your Own Brown Sugar Scrub {recipe how-to} ~ Exfoliate away your dry winter skin with this amazing brown sugar oatmeal scrub.  Put the scrub in cute jars and keep as back up gifts.  There’s a free label printable.

Homemade Salt Scrub

8.  Citrus Scrub How To {homemade tutorial} ~ Preserve summer in a bottle with this citrus scrub.  It smells like heaven in the shower and a little drop of citrus sunshine for your day.

9.  Salt Pouches for the Shower or Bath ~ These salt pouches are perfect for combining both bath salt and salt scrub into an exfoliating pouch to take into the shower.

Honey Almond Body Scrub

10.  Honey Almond Sleepy Sugar Scrub ~ This article actually has three recipes including Honey Almond Sleepy Sugar Scrub, Vanilla Almond Brown Sugar Scrub, and Peppermint Sugar Scrub. {It looks like this blog is no longer online, but here’s an alternative recipe for a  brown sugar scrub found on Instructables that looks good!}

Coffee Body Scrub

11.  DIY Mud Scrub ~ Mud scrub is basically sugar and coffee combined.  Caffeine and coffee in beauty products have tightening and antioxidant effects on the skin.  That’s a good thing!

12. Coffee Sugar Scrub ~ This coffee sugar scrub from Seven Clown Circus is super easy to make and only uses a few ingredients!

Homemade Body Scrubs

12.  Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub ~ This festive holiday mix will let you enjoy the smells of fall just a little longer, but in the bathtub instead of the kitchen.

13.  Candy Cane Sugar Scrub ~ Even though it is not the holiday season anymore you can still savor it.  This sugar scrub recipe is incredibly easy.  Make several small containers of varying scents to keep on hand for quick gifts.

How To Make Scrubs

14.  Gardener’s Hand Scrub ~ Whip up a batch of this Gardener’s Hand Scrub.  Only 3 ingredients needed for the recipe.  It would be a great gift for friends, family or neighbors.

Homemade Body Wash

15.  How to Make Your Own Natural Body Wash ~ Make your own natural body wash using Castile Soap and water.  Very easy and much cheaper than purchasing body wash!  Grate the soap into shavings and liquify with water.

16.  Homemade Lavender Body Wash ~ This body wash doesn’t contain any of the harmful ingredients that you’d find in traditional store-bought body washes.  The addition of the almond oil helps moisturize and soothe the skin.

16 Homemade Scrubs ~ Sugar, Salt, Facial, and Body Scrubs

More Homemade Scrubs

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