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16 Homemade Secret Santa Gift Ideas


Giving a homemade Secret Santa gift can be tons of fun! You can make incredible gifts that are thoughtful, sweet, or festive or funny without breaking the bank! These Secret Santa gift ideas include pictured tutorials on how to make gifts for women, men, and children. These homemade Secret Santa gifts can be used as stocking stuffers, too. Make a DIY gift and up the fun of your Secret Santa exchange!

16 Homemade Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Here are amazing homemade gifts  complete with recipes and lots of pictures so you can make them at home for your friends and family.

Secret Santa

snow day survival kit

1. Snow Day Survival Kit ~ Make a kit from “Secret Santa” that will make a snow day extra comfortable and fun at home. Use your imagination with what to add or follow the ideas that are provided in the tutorial.

peppermint bath bomb recipe

2. Homemade Peppermint Bath Bombs ~ Homemade peppermint bath bombs are easy to make, relatively inexpensive, and make the perfect Secret Santa gift. The peppermint is spot-on for the season!

secret santa succulent

3. Succulent Plant Tutorial ~ Succulent’s make excellent gifts because they are so easy to care for. This makes a great gift for a co-worker because it can be displayed on their guest through the year. Comes with free printable tags, too!

Secret Santa Ideas

moscow mule mug tassels

4. Moscow Mule Mug Tassels ~ These adorable tassels will help your friends distinguish their Moscow Mule Mugs one from another. So cute.

easy diy bookmarks

5. Easy DIY Paperclip Bookmarks ~ If you are gifting to someone that is a serious book lover, these paper clip bookmarks are just the ticket. They are easy to make, they can be customized with favorite colors and patters, and best of all they are really inexpensive to make!

Ideas for Secret Santa

secret santa coffee gift

6. Coffee Lovers Gift Idea ~ The great thing about coffee gift idea that’s perfect for a Secret Santa gift is that the mug is reusable. Download and print out the free printable tag for super cute embellishment!

spa in a jar

7. Spa in a Jar ~ Everyone loves a little pampering, especially the ladies. Make a spa in a jar gift for the person you are a secret Santa for. Guaranteed they’ll love it!

eye shadow nail polish

8. Eyeshadow Nail Polish ~ This gift idea is super inexpensive and fun because you can mix up a color or two that can’t be found in stores! Just crush up an old eyeshadow and add the powder to clear nail polish!

handmade beard oil

9. Handmade Beard Oil ~ Make a custom beard oil for your male friend using different essential oils. Purchasing beard oil can be pricey, but making your own can be sure inexpensive if you already have essential oils on hand.

scrabble coasters

10. Scrabble Coasters ~ Not only are these Scrabble coasters unique and perfect for a word lover, they are useful. Make your guy or gal customized Scrabble coasters for a nice Secret Santa surprise!

Secret Santa for Kids

11. Zippered Book Clutch Tutorial ~ Based on Kate Spade book covers, this tutorial including a PDF file is amazing for making a zippered book clutch that can go a long way in protecting books as they are shuttled back and forth to school.

lunch money zippered pouch

12. Lunch Money Pouch ~ If you know how to sew, this is an excellent tutorial for making an apple shaped lunch money pouch that’ simply adorable and useful, too.

grinch slime stocking stuffer

13. Grinch Slime ~ This is the greatest Secret Santa gift for slime lovers. The full recipe and how to package it is included!

Candy Secret Santa Gifts

diy candy cane sleigh

14. Candy Cane Sleigh ~ We can’t think of a better Secret Santa Gift idea. Clever, check. Stacked with candy. Check. Holds a gift card? Check.

santa mason jar gift

15. Santa Mason Jar Gift ~ We haven’t met a child yet that doesn’t love candy, which makes this Santa Mason Jar Gift perfect for kids OR adults. The Santa’s Hat Hershey’s Kisses are sold seasonally, so look for them in your local store.


16. Secret Santa M&Ms ~ Easily make M&M reindeer for the kiddos! These make great elf gifts, too.

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