Top 8 Homemade Valentine’s & Cards


One of the key elements of Valentine’s Day is the giving and receiving of Valentine’s.   That’s why I wanted to share with you some of the Best Homemade Valentine’s and Cards I’ve seen this year.  Hopefully, it  will help with making homemade Valentines, including  school Valentine’s!    These Top 8  Homemade Valentine’s and Cards contain tutorials on how to make Valentine’s, and they are easy and inexpensive!

Best Homemade Valentine’s and Cards

Smarty Pants

Valentines Day Valentines

1.  Smarty Pants – I adore this Valentine, created just for Tip Junkie readers.  This FREE printable is so much fun!  Print out this homemade Valentine and pop in a few Smarties candies for a unique, fun and yummy Valentines candy card!  {squeal}

Paper cut Hearts

2.  Paper Cut Hearts – These paper cut hearts are lovely and make a beautiful card or DIY craft!  I love the red/white contrast for Valentine’s Day!

Love Valentines

Handprint Heart

3.  Handprint Heart – Nothing says love quite like a child’s handprint.  This is a homemade Valentine that will be saved for years and years!

Be Mine Freebie

4.  “Be Mine” Freebie – These printables will make your Valentine card making super easy, super cute,  and they will still qualify as homemade!

Love Card Printable

5.  Printable Love Card – Isn’t this printable Love card beautiful?  Try using textured card stock for a more unique look!  Easy and beautiful?  {score!}

School Valentines

Crayon Valetines

6.  Crayon Heart Valentine – I can’t tell you how much I adore this Valentine Card Idea.  Not only does it repurpose crayons, the presentation is fabulous!

I wheelie like you Valentine day card

7.  I “Wheelie” Like You – This card/gift only takes a few minutes to make.  Simply print out the message from your computer on card stock and then put a few goodies in a bag (the car is essential, though) and these boys Valentines are good to go!

Hoot Valentine

8. You’re a Hoot Valentine – I love that these fun homemade Valentines cards are easy on the pocketbook.  The cute paper owls clutch sugary Valentine’s Day treats and the entire set cost just a few pennies more than a dollar to create.

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  1. Jennifer Mcvay jennifer mcvay

    Can’t find the download to make the SMarty Pants Valentine 3D, any suggestion.
    Thanks so much! Jennifer [email protected]

    1. Laurie Turk Laurie Turk

      Jennifer ~ Thank you so much for letting me know there was an issue with the 3D Smarty Pants Valentine. I’ve fixed the download and you can print it out from here

  2. Comment-Anonymous [email protected] california dates

    Thanks for the printouts.I think a handmade card tells more than any other present.It tells the receiver that you not only thought of a present but you had the time to make one.The love card is beautiful!

  3. Comment-Anonymous sassysara

    I love these ideas smarty pants hahah lol:)

  4. Comment-Anonymous Katie @ Little Becky Homecky

    I literally laughed out loud at the Smarty Pants ones.. that is adorable!!

  5. Comment-Anonymous Money Saving Enthusiast

    Wow! The smarty pants is too cute. Very ORIGINAL.
    I love when people come up with their own unique ideas.

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