How to Make Hot Air Balloon Cupcakes

Give any birthday or party the WOW factor with these Hot Air Balloon cupcakes made into a garland or banner. You can put anything inside the muffin cups like candy, muffins, or cupcakes!  It’s a fabulous way to make a statement and be original because who else has an edible banner?  {{wink}}

Step 1: Make Cupcakes

Make or purchase your cupcakes. If you are in a pinch, don’t feel badly about buying them! {snicker}

Step 2: Get Your Muffin Cups.

Get out your muffin cups. You can purchase these from several places online and in-stores.

Step 3: Blow up Balloons.

Blow up the balloons. You can also use helium balloons. Hang from fishing line, wire, or ribbon.

Step 4: Make Balloon Baskets & Assemble Banner

Using a hole punch, make 4 holes into the top of each muffin cup, an equal distance apart.Tape 4 pieces of ribbon to the balloon, making sure they are an equal distance and equal length. For the first one, make your ribbon a little longer than you normally would until you get the length just the way you want it.

Thread the corresponding ribbon taped onto the balloon into the hole of the muffin cup and knot.

Here’s the time-consuming part… carefully place the cupcake into the muffin cup. It won’t be balanced! So be sure not to drop it. Move the taped ribbon up or down until it’s in the correct spot on the balloon to properly balance the cupcake onto the hot air balloon.

Once the cupcake is balanced and not tipping over to one side, tape the final ribbon around the balloon. This will hide your tape holding the 4 ribbons securely to the balloon as well as finishing off the look.


If your ribbon around the balloon isn’t smooth to the balloon then bring the ribbon down until it is.   Bring the ribbon together at the back of the balloon.

If one or all of your 4 ribbons are sticking above the ribbon that’s around the balloon {in the middle}… here is a quick fix:   add a second piece of tape on the long ribbon hanging down UNDER the ribbon which is around the balloon {to hide the tape}.   Then cut any remaining ribbon which is sticking up.

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