6 How to Celebrate National Women’s Friendship Day!


Do you like celebrating year round? If you don’t like to wait for major national holidays to roll around, then start celebrating the lesser known holidays. Did you know that just about every day of the year has been designated as a “holiday”? Celebrating the wacky and fun day can bring tons of enjoyment. That’s why we are planning on making every day a holiday. Here are Fun Ways to Celebrate National Women’s Friendship Day!

What is National Women’s Friendship Day? Well, it’s the day to promote special friendship among women. Grab your BFF and let her know how special she is. An interesting fact about National Women’s Frienship? It’s not a Hallmark holiday!

National Women’s Friendship Day falls on September 18th of every year. We cherish and value our friendships, so this September Holidays is extra special to us.

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How are you going to celebrate National Women’s Friendship Day? We are planning on spending time with our BFF’s. Here are a few excellent ways to share friendship!

Homemade_Spa_Kit_and_Lagels-jpgWays to Celebrate

1. If you love DIY or homemade projects as much as me and my friends do, then today is the perfect day to make homemade spa kits. They make amazing gifts! Be sure to make one for yourself though so that you and your friends can have a spa “day” after putting together the sets. Here are Free Printable Labels so that you can package them beautifully, and here are TONS of recipes for making sugar scrubs, facial washes, and more!


2. Today is a great day to make and then tuck away a gift for your BFF for the holidays. This type of Tassle Necklace makes a gift that is personalized (pick the colors your friend likes) and unique.


friendship day

3. Meet your friends for a beverage while the kids are at school. Relax, listen to some music, and laugh.

4. Have a blind makeup challenge. If you’ve never done this with your girl friends, you’ve got to try. You are never too old to play with makeup and giggle with your BFF’s!

Friend Quotes

friendship quote

5. Give your girl friends a shout out on social media with your favorite friendship quote. Don’t forget to tag them so they know you are thinking of them today!

Celebrate National Women’s Friendship Day!


6. Do you love to get together with your friends but you don’t feel like going out? Throw a Stress-Free Girls Night In Party! It’s a great way to re-connect with your girl friends and remember, the party can be all about simplicity. Of course, if you want to go out, we have tons of ideas for parties on the site….{wink}


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