How to Craft ~ Fabulous DIY Ideas for August

Today is a fun day featuring creative inspiration on how to craft tutorials from Tip Junkie readers.  You’ll love these 17 DIY ideas you can make for August.  I hope  you make something beautiful today!

How to Craft

1. Japanese Washi Tape on Glass Vases – A quick and fabulous way to make any glass or vase super chic.

2. Wood Photo Block Tutorial – Tutorial to use Modge Podge to creat custom photo blocks.

3. Crocheting For The Pets – Create a group to crochet/knit small blankets for the pets at shelters.

4. Tulle Butterflies – How to make your own decorative butterflies.

DIY Ideas

5. Plush Flower Pots Centerpieces – These cute, plush flowers make for a great party table centerpiece or even a party favor or gift!

6. No Sew Journal Cover – No sew necessary fancy fabric covered journal.

7. Scrap Notebooks – I recycled scrap paper by turning them into notebooks.

8. Quickie Knitting Stitch Marker Tutorial – How to make your own beaded stitch markers!

How to Crafts

9. Floppy box tutorial – A fun little container made out of floppy discs.

10. Fabric carrots – Made with old magazines and turned out amazing!

11. Pressed Flower Coasters – Used pressed flowers, foam, and duct tap to make beautiful coasters.

12. Burlap Flower Tutorial – A tutorial on how to make burlap fabric flowers.

Make DIY

13. Recycled Paper Flower Gift Bow – tutorial on how to make one for gift wrapping

14. Homemade Fingerprint Cards – Easy fingerprint cards made using your child’s fingerprints…great for any occasion!

15. Treat Containers – Snazzy party time, snack time containers.

16.  DIY Luggage Tag – How to make your own awesomely-cute luggage tag!

17. Mod Podge Magnet Tutorial – Mod podged the paper onto the wooden circles and then placed a second coat of mod podge on top of the paper.


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  1. Thank you for the tips. With Christmas around the corner, I need all the good crafting/hand made gift ideas I can get! I especially love the magazine carrots!

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