16 How To Crochet Flowers and Bag Patterns


Today I’m hooking you up with 16 How to Crochet, knitting, and needlework patterns all with pictured instructions on how to make the most lovely homemade gifts and wearable items.

How to Crochet

1.  Crochet Flower Pattern ~ These flowers would be a beautiful addition to a necklace, broach, headband, scarf or purse.  Most basic crocheted flowers are done “in rounds”.  This means that they are worked around in circular rows, beginning with a center ring.

2.  How to Crochet a Flower ~ Follow the step by step tutorial to make this adorable flower.  The flower pattern is simple to make/follow and if you prefer more layers you can add more rows.

3.  Mary Go Round Crochet Flower ~ These little Mary Go Round flowers are adorable little picture frames.  It can also be worn as a bangle bracelet.  Make several for a beautiful layered look.

4.  Barefoot Baby Sandals ~ These barefoot baby sandals are absolutely darling!  If you don’t already have a little girl you may just find yourself wanting one just to wear these pretties!  Or, you could give them as a gift.

5.  Ruffle Rose Pillow Crochet Pattern ~ This lovely ruffle rose pillow would be a beautiful accent piece in a bedroom or sofa.  You can make it any desired color to coordinate with your color scheme.

6.  Flower Bracelet ~ You can make your own fabulous flower bracelet by using the Mollie Flower Pattern in under 20 minutes.  Three flowers were crocheted and knotted together with a chain stitch.

7.  African Flower Crochet Pattern ~ This gorgeous African flower is a crochet block but in hexagonal shape.   It can be joined next to each other to be made into a blanket, afghan, shawl, bag, table runner, cushion cover, soccer ball toy, coaster, pincushion, or even a dress!

Crochet Flowers

8.  Crochet Flower Coasters ~ These beautiful flower coasters are simple enough for a beginner and easy to complete.  They are perfection in multi-colors.  Imagine your iced cold beverage on one of these lovelies!

9.  Seven Petal Crochet Flower ~ This seven petal flower bookmark is absolutely adorable!  The directions/pattern for this flower is similar to the five petal flower and works well with embroidery floss or #10 crochet thread.

10.  Thread Crochet Rose Ring Pattern ~ Topsy Turvy shows us how to make 4 different flower rings using crochet thread and she knows what she’s talking about!  She’s made every style in every color!

11.  Crochet Headband Flower Pattern ~ The following instructions are based on the assumption that you already know the basics of crocheting. If you are trying it for the first time, here is a good video to help you with the basics as you follow the tutorial.

12.  Flower Pin Cushion ~ These adorable flower pin cushions would be amazing gifts for friends, family, teachers or neighbors.  But, they would also perfect for a sweet baby mobile for starters, or a sachet filled with something sweet smelling.

Crochet Bags Patterns

13.  Summer Purse ~ This blue purse is simply fabulous for summer!  Crochet blocks were used to make this bag by using a simple chain loop pattern.

14.  Crochet Seed Stitch Purse ~ I’m loving this colorful seed stitch purse!  It’s a perfect size for a young girl.  The stitch resembles a scalloped look which is a tight weave making the purse sturdy.

15.  Ribbon-Weaved Crochet Handbag  ~ Crochet a stylish handbag using these free printable instructions.

16.  Crochet Coin Purse ~ These wriggly ruffles on this coin purse are adorable!  This tutorial shows you how you can make your own pattern to accommodate the size and shape you want.

How To Crochet Tutorials:

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  2. These are all darling; especially those barefoot baby sandals! I have no clue how to crochet, but this is making me want to learn!! Thank you for sharing these wonderful ideas.

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