12 How to Embellish with Pearls


How to use pearls to make beautiful crafts, DIY Decor, and homemade gifts.  Some of the gorgeous things to make with pearls are hair combs, jewelry, t-shirt, gloves, drawer pulls, chandelier and a phone case.  Bling crafts are so popular because they are inexpensive and make blingtastic things.  So why not add some bling to your life?

How to Embellish with Pearls

The Tip Junkie creative community has some incredible bling tutorials complete with pictured instructions on how to make. So be sure to look over there if you’’re looking for more style and home decor tutorials with step-by-step instructions.

Do It Yourself Pearl Embellishment

DIY Pearl t-shirt

 1.  Pearl Encrusted T-shirt {diy} ~ Turn a plain white t-shirt into a statement top just by adding pearls.  

DIY Pearl Gloves

2.  DIY Pearl Gloves ~ Here is a good way to take an inexpensive pair of gloves and turn them into a fancy pair! By adding a few pearls from your local craft you’ll have a pair or two of stylish gloves. Perfect for the little girls as well as yourself!

DIY Home Decor

Pearl Embellished Wreath {tutorial}

3.  Pearl Embellished Wreath {tutorial} ~ Create a beautiful pearl embellished wreath!  You can make it as simple as 1-2-3.  All you need is a wreath form, imitation pearls, ribbon and a hot glue gun.

How to Create a Beaded Chandelier {diy light}

4.  How to Create a Beaded Chandelier {diy light} ~ Using dollar store supplies, learn how to make your own beaded chandelier!

DIY Pearl Hardware

5.  DIY Pearl Hardware ~ Create custom drawer pulls from pearls.  Unique and beautiful!

6.  Blinged Out Clipboard ~ Adhere your favorite rhinestones and blingage to a plain clipboard with a hot glue gun!  Add some pretty paper to the clip and voila.  This would also look lovely on a clear clipboard.  

Pearl Cluster Ornament DIY {Christmas Ornaments}

7.  Pearl Cluster Ornament DIY {Christmas Ornaments} ~ This ornament is beautiful and with the help of this great tutorial you can create some too! After a quick trip to your local craft store you can begin to make these gorgeous ornaments that will look stunning on your tree!

How To Embellish with Pearls

Bling iPhone Case8.  DIY Pearl iPhone Case ~ Using old clip ons and costume pearls, this bulky case is perfect for the girly girl!

Pearl Embellished Hair Comb {diy}

9.  Pearl Embellished Hair Comb {diy} ~ With this great tutorial you’ll learn how to make a beautiful hair accessory! A modern twist on the classic hair combs. Perfect for all ages to wear and maybe even help make!

Pearl and Bow Bracelet DIY {Bracelets and Bangles}

10.  Pearl and Bow Bracelet DIY {Bracelets and Bangles} ~ This pearl and bow bracelet is so chic and perfect for all those holiday parties coming up! Using this great tutorial this bracelet is easy to make. A lovely addition to your jewelry collection!

Pearl Embellished Bangle

11.  Pearl Embellished Bangle ~ Embellished bangles are a perfect accessory for just about any outfit. These bangles are an easy and simple handmade gift, you won’t want to stop making them for family, friends and yourself.

Pearl Cluster Necklace Tutorial {Necklaces}

12.  Pearl Cluster Necklace Tutorial {Necklaces} ~ Lovely in a word would describe this pearl cluster necklace! And, with this tutorial you’ll be able to create one of your very own. Perfectly ladylike and stylish all at the same time!

More Craft Tutorials:

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