How to Link Your Blog Post To Tip Me Tuesday!

Tip Me Tuesday” is one of my favorite days here on Tip Junkie.  If you have a blog, you are invited every Tuesday to come and link up your favorite, fabulous and fun crafting tutorials.  You never fail to amaze me with your talent!

If you don’t have a blog, check out all of the beautiful pictures of amazing ideas.  These pictures are actually links to tutorials so you can make it too! I promise, you’ll be blown away by the insanely creative tutorials and recipes thank are shared every Tuesday here on Tip Junkie.

Why Bloggers Should Link?

Wondering what the perks are as a blogger to link up one of your posts?  Well… I’m glad you asked!  It’s actually a win/win situation for everyone.

  • Bloggers who link up are exposed to an entirely new audience of Tip Junkie readers.  It’s a great way to introduce yourself and showcase your talent.
  • Every week the favorites of each Tip Me Tuesday linky party are chosen to be featured on and all of the different channels and sites.  There are 22 channels here on Tip Junkie and therefore many ways to be promoted.
  • Other bloggers and sites also check out those who linked up every week to feature you as well!  Yep, I’m all about sharing and you’ll be excited to know that many people use my linky party to find amazing ideas to feature as well.  I’ve been contacted many times by and the Today Show wanting to feature you too!  {squeal}
  • But most importantly, your tutorials help inspire and teach!  As a blogger, you’ve already taken hours of your time to post an amazing tutorial.  Now, let’s make sure people see it.

How To Link Up To Tip Me Tuesday!

I’ve been asked a few times how to go about linking up your tutorial to the linky party, and so I’m going to show you how to link up your craft tutorial on Tip Me Tuesday!

Ready for my quick tutorial?!?  Yep, that’s right I made screen shots to personally walk you through the process.  I promise it’s easier than it looks. {wink}

1.  Visit the Tip Me Tuesday Post.

You’ll find the Tip Me Tuesday linky post here each Tuesday!  Chances are if you pop in on Monday night, you’ll find it as well!  {{wink!}}

2.  Add the Tip Me Tuesday Button to your post.

Simply grab the HTML code and insert into your tutorial post.

3.  Add Your Link:

Scroll to the bottom of the thumbnail images and click on the button that says, “Add Your Link”.

4.  Fill in the displayed cells:

You need to copy and then paste the URL of your tutorial into the first cell, and then to fill in your name and email in the second and third cells.  Then click “Next Step”.

5.  Select the image you’d like used as your thumbnail:

You can Select from your blog, enter a direct image URL or upload from your computer.  Just pick the option that is easiest for you, select the image to be used, and you are set!

That’s it!  Your tutorial will now be linked up on Tip Me Tuesday and be visible to a huge audience who are dying to see what you’ve created.  Please feel free to ask any questions that you might have.  I really want to thank all of you for beings so supportive of Tip Junkie and I hope this has helped to make linking up your tutorial a breeze!

I’d love hear from you!  Simply leave a comment here on this post or over on the Tip Junkie Facebook page. Tip Junkie’s ROCK! {{knuckle bumps}}

Tip Junkie ~ Laurie Turk

Creating Memories that Endure,



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  1. Thank you for the simple steps! This is my first time and I just started my blog. Looking forward to this!

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