How To Make a PEEPS Wreath


How To Make a PEEPS Wreath

– As you can see in the first picture above, I barely had enough Peeps to cover the wreath completely. Buy a few more packs if you want more coverage.
– I don’t mind seeing the straw peep out here and there (pun intended!) but if you dislike this look, you could always wrap the wreath in white paper or ribbon first (before you add the Peeps).
– If you’re having a problem with some of the upside down Peeps falling off, put those troublesome Peeps off to the side and let them dry out completely. When the dried out Peeps are hard, put some thick gel glue on the bottom and push toothpick in. Allow to dry before you reattach to wreath. You could always skip the toothpick part and just glue directly to the wreath as well.

How To Make a PEEPS Wreath

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