How to Make a Rug from Towels {repurpose}


How to Make a Rug from Towels {repurpose}

Give your old towels a second life by transforming them into a super soft, eco-chic bath rug.  All you need besides the towels  is a gridded matting that you can find at any craft store or home ware store.


  1. Comment-Anonymous Our Creative Hands

    I love this idea…What a perfect way to reuse my towels that just don’t have the sparkle they used to have. I always like fresh crisp looking towels for use-sort of crazy I guess. Thank you for this tip…Sincerely Rachel

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  3. Comment-Anonymous Ashley @

    This is a totally AWESOME idea!!! LOVE it!

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  5. Comment-Anonymous Beth

    I love this idea. I am not really crafty but I have an addiction to bleach so we certainly have tons of towels with holes around here. Great idea!

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  7. Comment-Anonymous nellie

    i like this idea ,nice way to reuse old towels instead of just them for rags,thanks nellie

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  9. Comment-Anonymous Kit

    Can this rug be machine washed? Where can you get this type of backing, what is it called?

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