How to Make a Wreath Chandelier {diy light}


How to Make a Wreath Chandelier {diy light}

Made from wreath forms and Christmas lights, this unique diy chandelier will certainly be a conversation piece in your home!  Come learn how to make your own.


  1. Comment-Anonymous amanda

    if you scroll ALL the way down you wil see the direcions.

  2. Comment-Anonymous amanda

    if you scoll ALL the way down….you will find the directions. Wish she put up more pictures of how she did it up though.

  3. Comment-Anonymous Chanda

    I love this idea but I couldnt find the directions in the link there.

  4. Comment-Anonymous Beth

    For some reason the main link won’t show up. If you scroll down the page you will see the post.

  5. Comment-Anonymous Rachel

    When I click on this link, it takes me to blog posts from 2008, unrelated to the topic.

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