10 How to Make Time Capsules for Kids


Wondering how to make a time capsule and what they are?  Time capsules are meant to capture a particular moment in time that can be recaptured at a later date.  They’re fun activities for kids and a great way of preserving memories. These 10 time capsule ideas are guaranteed to be a hit!

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Tip Junkie has many kids activities all with pictured tutorials to help you keep your kids occupied.  You can always search there if you’’re looking for more ideas. {wink}

How to Make a Time Capsule

Family Time Capsule

1.  Family Time Capsule ~ Time capsules are a great way of preserving the present so that you can look at them in the future.  Some items to include in a capsule are a questionnaire, kids measurements, artwork, letters and current photographs.  

How to Make a Time Capsule

2.  How to Make a Time Capsule {free printables} ~ Printable time capsule questions that will help you capture a snapshot of your kiddos this year. Fun to look back on and add to each year.

Make a Teen Years Time Capsule

3.  Make a Teen Years Time Capsule ~ Help your child capture their life in high school socially, emotionally and academically.  Some things to include are report cards, essays, souvenirs, favorite t-shirt, journal or even favorite music.

Time Capsule Ideas

Time Capsule Questionnaire for Kids

4.  Time Capsule Questionnaire for Kids {free printables} ~ Start off the New Year with new resolutions, start a time capsule.  The free printable questionnaire includes favorites, all about me and thoughtfulness.  The printables have been updated so you can fill in the corresponding year.

First Birthday Time Capsule

5.  First Birthday Time Capsule {free printables} ~ Make a time capsule for your child’s first birthday that will be opened on their 18th birthday.  Party guests can fill out prediction cards and include trinkets.

Senior Year Time Capsule

6.  Senior Year Time Capsule {free printables} ~ Printable cards that can be filled out with favorites, hopes for the future or qualities they may want to develop.  

Birthday Interview Printable

7.  Birthday Interview Printable ~ Kids grow up so fast, here is a great way to remember “they way they were!” Included in this cute post is a free printable where you can interview your kids on each birthday. A fun way to commemorate and then look back on each age!

 "All About Me" Questionnaire Printables

8.  “All About Me” Questionnaire Printables ~ What better way to start off the upcoming school year than to interview your child! This post features a printable interview sheet you can use! All you have to do is download print and wrangle your kids to sit down with you long enough to get a few answers out of them.

What to Put in a Time Capsule

Memory Jar

9.  Memory Jar ~ Decorate the outside of the jar and then write memories down on a card, add photos if you wish, put them in envelopes or bags, and stick them in the jar!

 What to Put in a Time Capsule

10.  What to Put in a Time Capsule ~ Current photographs, ticket stubs, vacation trinkets and questionnaire’s are great items to put in a time capsule.


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