38 Popular Ways to Tie A Scarf!


There are a variety of trendy ways of how to wear a scarf! Whether for warmth or just for the latest fashion, here are 38 popular ways to wear a scarf.  Included are  no-sew as well as sewing tutorials on how to make your own scarf to follow this fashionable trend.

How To Tie A Scarf

12 Trendy Ways to Tie A Scarf {how to wear}1.  12 Stylish Ways to Tie a Scarf ~ Who would have thought that a scarf could be worn so many different ways?  You will never get bored wearing your scarf with this many options available.

Tie A Scarf

Tie A Scarf

2.  Six Versatile Ways to Tie a Scarf ~ These fabulous detailed step-by-step directions will help you to master tying your scarf.

10 Ways to Wear a Circle Scarf

3.  10 Ways to Wear a Circle Scarf ~  This image is from American Apparel where you can purchase your own circle scarf.  Or you can click the link below on how to make one yourself!

American Apparel Circle Scarf Knock Off

4.  American Apparel Circle Scarf Knock Off {tutorial} ~ This tutorial is fairly simple and only requires beginner sewing skills.  It can be made by using just two yards of soft stretchy material.

How To Sew Scarves

5.  Cashmere Scarf Tutorial ~ Lex made this amazing scarf by repurposing a cashmere sweater she found at a thrift store.  You can also use any lightweight fabric.  Check out her step-by-step instructions.

6.  Chunky Braided Scarf {Tutorial} ~ Nette was inspired by American Apparel’s braided belts when she created this scarf.  Using a light weight viscose fabric she made it in about one hour.

7.  Ruffled Scarf {Free Pattern} ~ You can create this beautiful ruffled scarf without having to actually ruffle any fabric.  Use a lightweight fabric for a springtime gift, or something a little warmer for later in the year.  Download the PDF pattern for free.

8.  Catch and Release Scarf {Anthropology Inspired} ~ A light weight, breezy, and somewhat see thru fabric works best.  Only minimal stitching to ruffle fabric.  If you want a punch of color you can dye it with RIT.

9.  Knit Scarf {Sewing Tutorial} ~ Skip a few steps to create this knit scarf that allows you to leave the edge raw, without fraying…..and add a whole shabby look in the meantime.

10.  How to Make a Circle Knit Scarf ~ No sewing required for this one.  Simply cut off the bottom half of your sweater and hem the edge with Gorilla Tape.

11.   Winter Cowl Scarf {free pattern} ~ This fun winter scarf will keep you warm during the short cold days.  It’s like a blanket for your neck and shoulders.

12.  Braided Sweater Scarf Tutorial ~ See how Larissa turned her old maternity sweater into this darling scarf.

13.  Ruffled Summer Scarf {Tutorial} ~ This scarf is so light-weight you hardly notice it’s there (but they’ll notice your darling ruffles).  It’s the perfect accessory for a spring outing to the Poppy Festival.

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More Scarf Patterns from Tip Junkie:

Tip Junkie ~ Laurie Turk

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  1. I’ve just discovered scarves for more than just warmth. I love this tutorial. Easy to follow and the pictures are awesome!

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