17 Clever Ice Cube Tray Recipes [simple]


Ice cube trays have so many other uses besides making plain old cubes. Here are 17 clever ideas and recipes that are super simple to make. The best part? They’re a great way to save time and control portion sizes.

These ice cube tray recipes include smoothie packs, bacon drippings, pureed spinach, chocolates, pizza bites, fruit ice cubes and more!

Ice Tray Uses

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Ice Tray Uses

1. Freeze and preserve fresh herbs in an ice cube tray from The Kitchn. They’re perfect for using when you’re in a rush or fresh herbs are not in season.

2. Try freezing your bacon drippings that can be later used to drizzle on vegetables and popcorn, or whisk into salad dressing from the Food Network.

3. Happy Healthy Mama shares her smoothie tips by freezing pureed spinach. Once they’re frozen pop them out and store them in a ziploc bag. Each cube can be used in one smoothie.

4. An easy way to make smoothie packs is to freeze yogurt in ice trays from The Chic Site. Add the frozen yogurt cube to a ziploc bag along with fruit. Each bag makes one smoothie.

5. Betcha didn’t know that you could freeze eggs? Incredible Egg shares their simple tip by breaking an egg into each cubby of an ice tray.

6. How to make Ice Cube Tray Pizza Bites from Tasty.

Ice Cube Tray Chocolates

Ice Cube Tray Chocolates

7. Make bite-sized chocolate covered cheesecake from Tip Buzz. They’re so easy to make. Watch how quickly they’ll disappear.

8. No special candy molds are necessary to make homemade gourmet chocolates from Tip Hero. An ice cube tray works perfectly.

9. Try using an ice cube tray to make peanut butter cups from Chocolate Covered Katie. Just pop one out when you’re craving a treat.

Flavored Ice Cubes Recipes

Flavored Ice Cubes Recipes

10. Cool down your drinks and dress them up too with these fun frozen fruit ice cubes from Design Love Fest.

11. Take the look and taste of your water or lemonade up a notch with lime ice cubes from Seedling.

12. We all know that drinking water is good for us, but plain water isn’t much fun. With this tutorial you’ll learn how to make your water a little more fun and beautiful to drink with floral ice cubes from She Uncovered!

13. Don’t water down your coffee, tea or wine with regular ice cubes. Try freezing it in an ice cube tray to add to your favorite beverage from Kiran Tarun.

Ice Cube Tray Hacks

Ice Cube Tray Hacks

14. How fun are these individual rice krispy treat poppers from Smart School House?! Dip them in chocolate and add sprinkles for a fun twist.

15. Hello, Wonderful shows us how easy it is to make frozen yogurt pops using just 2 ingredients, yogurt and fruit.

16. If you have a toddler with a small appetite try using ice cube trays. Each cube compartment is perfect giving them a little variety and portion size from Food + Recipe.

17. Control portion sizes by freezing cookie dough in ice cube trays from Snack Girl. It’s a great way to control how much you eat.

17 Clever Ice Cube Tray Recipes [simple]

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