28 Ideas for Gorgeous DIY Gallery Walls


Wondering how to make a gallery wall to display family photos?  Try these beautiful wall art ideas to accent your home.  You’ll be inspired by these gallery wall ideas that include family mottos, travel-themed, children’s art gallery, boys wall gallery, staircase collages, empty frames and even how to make some wall art.  These diy wall art tutorials take walls from drab to fab, and the best part is that they are quite easy to do!

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We’ve taken away all the guess work on how to make a gallery wall with these incredible tutorials. For even more ways to decorate your walls Tip Junkie’s Creative Community has over 61 tutorials. You can always search there if you’’re looking for more tutorials with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

Family Motto Wall

Gold, Glam Gallery Wall

1.  Gold, Glam Gallery Wall ~ A gold wall gallery with touches of glam and hints of color.  A vinyl family name sign, gold mirrors, gold silhouettes and a chalkboard with the written family motto are some of the personalized touches that really make this space spectatcular. 

Living Room Gallery Wall

2.  Living Room Gallery Wall ~ Create a gallery wall for under $20.  Learn how to make beautiful focal point for your wall with this Canvas Script Art.  No stencils are needed just a projector, pencil, paint and canvas.  

Playroom Gallery Wall

3.  Playroom Gallery Wall ~ This playroom gallery wall is right on trend with the modern elements and school elements using a white board, chalkboard and marquee to name a few.

Tradition Wall

Gallery Wall Tutorial

4.  Gallery Wall Tutorial ~ A step-by-step guide to a perfectly styled gallery wall.

Industrial Style Family Room Gallery Wall

5.  Industrial Style Family Room Gallery Wall ~ Gallery walls are a huge trend right now and I love the idea of creating a chalkboard wall of frames. Leave some frames open for fun quotes, family rules or kids spontaneous drawings.

Road Map Inspirational

6.  Road Map Inspirational Wall {free printables}  ~ Your journey in life shapes the person you are.  Displaying the places you’ve been is not only inspiring, but a great reminder!

Travel Gallery Wall

7.  Travel Gallery Wall ~ If you do a lot of traveling then this gallery wall would be a great idea for you. You can frame and hang trinkets, post cards, paintings and momentos from previous travel. 

Travel-Themed Gallery Wall

8.  Travel-Themed Gallery Wall ~ Learn how to create a travel-themed gallery wall to display momentos and keepsakes of the places traveled.  There’s even a tutorial to make the instagram photo frame using plywood and hinge clips.

Staircase Collages

How to Hang a Gallery Wall on a Curved Staircase

9.  How to Hang a Gallery Wall on a Curved Staircase ~ An easy tip to hanging picture frames on a curved staircase is to remove the paper from the frames, tape them to the walls where desired and then you are ready to hang the frames.

Decorating with Portraits Up the Stairs

10.  Decorating with Portraits Up the Stairs ~ Hanging photos on a curved staircase can sometimes be tricky.  Kristen shows you how to hang the frames from a hook and adding a beautiful ribbon to the frame.

How to Hang a Picture Perfect Wall

11.  How to Hang a Picture Perfect Wall ~ Do you have a ton of family pictures that are begging to get off your computer and onto the wall? If so, this post has 6 helpful tips to help you create a gallery wall! 

Gallery Wall Art

Wood Pallet Arrows {DIY Decor}

12.  Wood Pallet Arrows {DIY Decor} ~ Have a wood pallet sitting around? If so this arrow is a stylish way to use wood from that pallet! You’ll have to be a little handy with the power tools to cut the shapes out, but if you are this is a must do wall accent for your home!  

DIY Wooden Arrow Tutorial

13.  DIY Wooden Arrow Tutorial ~ These adorable wooden arrows are a great accent piece for your home.  You can make them using 1×4 lumber, stain and a miter saw.  It’s a great alternative if you don’t have any pallets on hand.

Reclaimed Barnwood Arrow Tutorial

14.  Reclaimed Barnwood Arrow Tutorial ~ Use reclaimed barnwood to make this extra large rustic wood arrow for your home today.  Add lights to it for a marquee. 

DIY Ampersand

15.  DIY Ampersand ~ You will not believe what I used to make this ampersand. Come head over to my blog where I will show you step by step how to make your own.

Ways to Update Old Frames

Hall Gallery Wall Reveal

16.  Hall Gallery Wall Reveal ~ An easy and inexpensive way to create a gallery wall is by using a variety of sizes and shaped frames.  Simply spray paint the frames to match.  You can even use an empty picture frame to frame smaller pictures.

Kitchen Command Center {Office Decor and Organization}

17.  Kitchen Command Center {Office Decor and Organization} ~ Check out this kitchen command center! Perfect for the busy family with a million things going! Use this cleverly organized space as inspiration to create your own command center space!

Children's Art Gallery Wall

18.  Children’s Art Gallery Wall ~ Proudly show off your children’s masterpieces by creating a gallery wall just for them. 

Boys Will Be Boys

Pegboard Gallery Wall

19.  Pegboard Gallery Wall ~ Painted pegboard is not only functional, but stylish.  It makes a great backdrop to display and rearrange things on the wall.  This was used for a nursery, but you could use it for a big boys room and hang school supplies, sports equipment, etc.

DIY Rustic Barn Wood Corner Gallery Wall

20.  DIY Rustic Barn Wood Corner Gallery Wall ~ A great use of space in your child’s bedroom, plus it displays memorabilia from a previous home, the fencing.

Boys Room Art/Homework Station

21.  Boys Room Art/Homework Station ~ This boys art/homework station is super cool!  If it’s designed and decorated in their style they’re more likely to spend more time doing homework.  Hanging baskets, paper covered cans and chalkboards are some of the elements to help your child stay organized.

Boys Gallery Wall

22.  Boys Gallery Wall ~ A fun way to bring personalization to your kid’s room using a marquee, photos and favorite toys.

Tween Boy Room

23.  Tween Boy Room ~ Rustic meets vintage with this tween boys room.  Vintage signs and black and white photos compliment the pallet headboard and make a great space.

Empty Frame Wall

Wall of Frames

24.  Wall of Frames ~ Using thrift store finds you can create a gallery wall with empty frames in various sizes.  You won’t agonize over what pictures to hang in the frames and it adds a beautiful pop of color to the room.

DIY Gallery Wall

25.  DIY Gallery Wall ~ Hang empty frames in your child’s playroom or bedroom so that they can hang their artwork.  Fishing line and clothespins were added to the frames to easily hang and display the artwork. 

Layered Picture Frames

26.  Layered Picture Frames ~ A fun way to add texture and dimension to a wall is by layering picture frames.  Use command picture strips so you don’t ruin your walls. {{wink}}

How to Make a Gallery Wall

DIY Picture Ledges

27.  DIY Picture Ledges ~ Instead of hanging pictures directly on the wall try making these functional and stylish picture ledges for only $3 each.  They’re great for adding dimension and whimsy.

Instagram Wall

28.  Instagram Wall ~ Check out this fabulous photo gallery wall that you can display your most current instagram photos! This modern display is both clever and stylish! Great because pictures can easily be switched out! 


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