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5 Ways To Increase Storage in Your Home


  1. Comment-Anonymous

    I wish I had an extra closet! I would love something like that ….I am in the process of putting all my crafts in an old entertainment center so you just gave me some good ideas! Thank you

  2. Comment-Anonymous

    You spelled fourth wrong, hehe (:

  3. Comment-Anonymous

    Just love the photo with the white binders. It looks so lovely.

  4. Comment-Anonymous
    Jo Green

    Baskets are great, I just run out of places to put them . I didn’t think about hanging them from the wall. Good idea. PS I love the blue and pink armoire office.

  5. Comment-Anonymous
    Sally Swift

    Baskets look great in any room and are a wonderfful place to store things.
    Sit the baskets on a shelf or hang them from the rafters.
    Baskets are my favorite place to store things…little baskets for little things…big baskets for bigger things.
    And no one knows you have things stored in your basket collection!

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