Indiana Jones Birthday Party


My middle son, Dylan, turns 8 in September and wants an Indiana Jones birthday party. Finally, he’s letting me host the party at home with an amazing theme. I’m going to have so much fun with this! {{squeal with delight}}

Naturally, I’ll post all the pictures of the party after it happens, but for those of you who are in the planning process like me, here’s some inspiration.

Ness made this awesome cake, “Indy runs from a boulder.” Fabulous!

The Doctor’s Wife has hooked us up! Her party included Indiana Jones singing, Mummy Gallery, Snake Pit, Crocodile Creek, Pankot Palace Banquet, and an Airport hangar where they found their treasure. WOW!! Talk about impressive!

Deb also threw an amazing bash. “The kids were traversing the alligator filled water, picking up two bombs (water balloons) on their way. The bombs that were later used to throw at the masked bad guys (the parents).”

Ashley had such a great cake too, but I couldn’t resist showing you this treasure chest and Clint’s over the shoulder bag.

I think I’m going to make one of these shoulder bags for each guest as their “party favor bag.” They’ll also be able to use it to take home the treasure they find.

Here’s a video on how to make a crystal skull pinata!

Take a look at the cake Pam made. Holy Cow, girls got talent!

Carrie also threw an Indiana Jones party and look what she made!

I’ll definitely have some sort of treasure chest or arch.

Over on the Gates Family Blog I found more ideas like:

Building an amazing “temple of doom” for the kids to explore and collect treasures from. On the way out, dodge the giant boulder — created from chicken wire, a hard plastic pool, died sheets and a flour-and-water mixture to make them harden when they dried.

Man, I wish she had more pictures! 😉

Chris also threw an Indie party and had fun games like a disgusting archeological dig. Remember the monkey brains from…uh…the second movie? Nothing like a little cold spaghetti to gross ’em out. We also had eyeball soup (grapes in water) and snake guts (jell-o). She buried little plastic bugs and snakes (“it had to be snakes”) for them to dig for.

I’m going to ask a friend photoshop Dylan’s face onto Shia LeBeouf and then put this poster on the front door for the party.

Each guest will be asked to wear khaki shorts and will receive this hat when they arrive at the party.

I love balloons! I know, it’s so 80’s of me but I can’t help it. I’ll use this color scheme for the balloons and the water balloons.

For the rest of my theme ideas, invitation, game, decor, obstacle course, and food ideas for an ultimate Indiana Jones party go to Executive Homemaker. You can print them out for free!

I’ll planning on having lots of rubber snakes and rats, the sound track playing, a treasure hunt, an obstacle course, and some crazy fun food. Now I just have to hammer out the details.

I have been Googling for days now and compiling all the best info. So be sure to check out all the details with games, food, and themed Indiana Jones party ideas on Executive Homemaker. You won’t want to miss it.

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  1. Comment-Anonymous Anonymous

    Erm… I’m guessing you know that the “treasure chest” you have pictured is actually supposed to be the Ark of the Covenant from the Bible that held the Ten Commandments?

  2. Comment-Anonymous jezebelsk

    Oh my gosh! I’ll be 34 in October, and I want an Indy party!!!

  3. Comment-Anonymous Brooke and Mike

    You have some fantastic ideas! Your boys are so lucky. Too bad mine is 19 months (I dont think he would get into the Indiana Jones Theme) 🙂

  4. Comment-Anonymous The Blaisdell Family

    WOW!! I really enjoy doing kids parties. If either of my boys pick this theme, then I have a lot of cool ideas to choose from. this is great!

  5. Comment-Anonymous Susan

    For a craft, you could have each kid make their own Duct tape bulwhip like Indy has!

    There are instructions on this blog:

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