10 Ingenious Pressed Flower Gifts


This list of beautifully pressed flowers allows you to preserve all the sentiment from your real flower bouquet to enjoy for years to come. These flower art projects will teach you how to press flowers, give you creative ideas for pressed flower crafts, as well as cool ideas on what to do with dried flowers.

Check out these pressed flower products and craft tutorials plus a quick guide on how to preserve flowers.

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How To Press Flowers

But first, let’s talk about pressed flower techniques.  This heartwarming skill is popping up everywhere!  You can wear it on clothing and embroidered jeans to jewelry and use it to decorate your home with accessories and art.

There are several ways you can press flowers…

  1. Book ~ 4+ weeks
  2. Iron ~ 15 minutes
  3. Microwave ~ 2 Minutes – 2 days

Each technique has their own pros and cons but for today’s post we’re going to focus on the fastest way… the microwave.

How to Press Flowers QUICKLY

Sure you can pop them in a old book and pop a brick on top but you might not get the result you’re looking for.  Before you pick your project, you want to pick the right flowers and then do a microwave flower press technique to keep their color and smooch the flowers as thin as possible.

Picking the Right Flowers

Flowers with naturally flat faces are the easiest to press  Freshness is the key so try to choose flowers that are either still in bud form, freshly bloomed, or cut from the garden in the morning.

Tip:  Place in a ziplock bag and store them in the refrigerator if you can’t press them immediately.

How to Prep Flowers for Pressing

  1. Cut stems at an angle.
  2. Remove low leaves.
  3. Place in a vase.
  4. Split thick flowers like orchids or roses.
  5. Lay flat.

You’ll need a few simple supplies:  2 tiles, 2 pieces of cardboard, 2 pieces of paper, and your flowers. OR you can watch the video above for an easier method but my not be ideal for thicker flowers.

Drying Flowers in Microwave

To get started, you’ll need a few simple supplies:  2 tiles, 2 pieces of cardboard, 2 pieces of paper, and your flowers. OR you can watch the video above for an easier method but my not be ideal for thicker flowers.

Drying Flowers in Microwave Video by TheFrugalCrafter

Sure you can buy a microwave flower press or you can try this homemade method below.

drying flowers in microwave

  1. Layer: tiles, cardboard, paper, flower, paper, cardboard, and tile.
  2. Microwave on low for 30-60 seconds at a time.
  3. Finish drying by placing in a book for 2 days. {if needed}

How to Press Flowers for Framing

#1 Rings

Flowers are pressed, then hand-dyed, then made into a ring. This real pressed flower ring is beautifully handcrafted.

Buy the ring on Etsy:  Pressed Flower Ring 

#2 Pressed Flower Candles

How cool would these pressed flower candles be to your decor. They are candles made with real flowers and would make great baby shower favors, table decor and gifts.

Buy the candles on Etsy:  Pressed Flower Candles

#3 Pressed Flower Bangles

These pressed flowers bangles are so cool!  I just love that they are made with real flowers and since daisy's are one of my favorite flowers I can't help but smile when I see them.  Awe so lovely.

Buy bracelets on Etsy:  Pressed Flower Bangles

#4 Coasters

These easy-to-make pressed-flower coasters are the perfect addition to your entertaining arsenal and can even serve double duty in a pinch for a handmade host gift.

Get the pictured instructions:  DIY Pressed Flower Coasters

#6 Suncatchers

A pressed flower suncatcher is a beautiful gift to make and is very inexpensive to make.  LilyArdor suggests the easiest way to press flowers involves using an old phone book. Hopefully, you haven’t thrown them all out. {giggle} 

See the tutorial here:  Pressed Flower Suncatchers

#7 Locket Pendant

MonstersCircus shows us how to create little memories for each flower using floating lockets to hang on branches.  These also make lovely keepsakes and semi-homemade gifts.

Get the tutorial here:  DIY Locket Flower Art Pendant

#8 Pressed Flowers in Glass

Dress up glass for a look that feels both modern and antique inspired.  All you need is a little bit of découpage medium that dries clear for an elegant finish that will look absolutely stunning.

Get the tutorial here:  DIY Pressed Flowers in Glass

#9 Tray

Embellish any tray by laying out dried flowers onto the tray. Once you have found arrangement that speaks to you pour resin over the top and let it cure.

Get the tutorial here:  DIY Pressed Flower Tray


Use a wax paper and tissue technique to create these one of a kind bookmarks.  These would make a lovely homemade hostess gift.  To preserve them you can also slip them into plastic sleeves for daily use.

Get the tutorial here:  Pressed Wildflower Bookmark Tutorial

drying flowers in microwave flower press

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