Inquiring Minds: Q&A Part 2

I am such a loser!  I completely forgot about the remaining questions that were asked on the “Inquiring Minds Want to Know” post.  {{L on forehead}}
I’m so sorry.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can catch up with us by reading Inquiring Minds: Q&A Answered (Part 1).  It’s basically answering Tip Junkie readers questions regarding blogging and Tip Junkie.

Let’s finish this up shall we?

Q:  Janmary, N Ireland – I’m visiting the US this summer, what are your fave shops?

A:  Tip Junkie – Here are just a few of my favorites:

  • Home decor (small things I can bring home in a suitcase):  Kirklands, Garden Ridge Pottery
  • Kids clothes:  Children’s Place, GAP, Target
  • Womens clothes/shoes:  Payless or DSW
  • Craft stores:  Hobby Lobby or Michaels
  • Family friendly chain restaurants:  Chili’s or Jason’s Deli
  • Fave supermarkets and brands of food?  None, I hate to grocery shop.  I usually grab what’s on sale. 😉

Q:  Dawn – Was it hard to get your child assessed for autism and what help is there out there?

A:  Tip Junkie – Yes!  We knew early on there was something going on but he was developing just like the other kids.  He was just frustrated all the time and not grasping concepts like sharing.  Preschool was difficult.   We had him tested by the school district just to see if we could get any direction.  That was a disaster and they diagnosed him with Oppositional Defiance Disorder.

We put Davis in play therapy and after several months, his therapist suggested that it might be autism.  That was the first time we had heard that possibility.  I found a friend who had a hook up with the Meyers Developmental Center at Texas Childrens Hospital in Houston.  We got Davis on their 6 month wait list and he was tested there – PDD NOS; high functioning autism was the official diagnosis.  Since then, we’ve had to get an attorney, see other therapists, and fight the school districts to keep the diagnoses.

Davis is 11 and doing great!  He just aced his Math TAKS test.  {{whew!}}

Q: Danielle – Simple question- what did you do to get your blog so popular / have so many readers.

A:  Tip Junkie – Simple.  {{giggle}}  In all honesty it’s been the four C’s:

  • Great content – the creative women I feature are fabulous.
  • Almost 3 years of consistency – 5 days a week through back surgery, husband in MBA school, husband traveling 3 out of 4 weeks for the past 1 1/2 years, sick days, trails, exhaustion, burn out, and traveling.  I’m dedicated.
  • Solid collaborations – I’ve met some fabulous bloggers and I’ve always had an “I’ll scratch your back, you scratch mine” mentality.  I plug a lot of women and they are very kind as to plug me in return.
  • When I started I left a TON of relevant comments on others blogs and got to know women personally.  I made some crazy fun connections and those are the bloggers that I still adore today.

It also helps that I brainstorm some crazy fun themes, contests, and events.  My best ideas come when I’m soaking in the tub.  Probably because that’s the only quiet time I get.  HA!

I’m always thinking about my readers and how to solve a need.  There are some crazy talented bloggers out there.  But, I think what makes Tip Junkie a little different is that I’m more of an innovator.  As a blogger and Mom-prenuer, if I want something but I can’t find it – then I’ll create it myself.  {{evil laugh}}

I hope my readers love that about Tip Junkie and are always looking for the next cool thing.  I’m working on a couple projects right now that are really fun!  I can’t wait to launch them.  {{squeal in delight}}

Q:  Jerri I’m also curious about how you stay organized.

A:  Tip Junkie – I’m actually writing an eBook right now that will give you in detail what I do.  In the meantime, I gave several versions of this answer in the Q&A Part 1.

Q: FreeBeeMom – I’m just starting out on my blog and I want to know how I can find a group of girls that I can bounce information with.

A:  Tip Junkie – This is a really great question.  It came very natural to me to find blog alliances and create collaborations.  I would start reading a LOT of blogs.  Add your favorites into your Google Reads.  Engage with them by leaving comments on their blog posts and then by e-mailing them directly.

Then when  you get a fun brainstorm and want to do it with someone – contact one of your online friends.  I’m always on the lookout for people I want to work with.  Just don’t force a friendship.  Be patient and find reciprocal ones that happen naturally.

Also the TJ Community is filled with like-minded women who are also looking to collaborate and find a blogging alliance.  You’ve got a pool of women to choose from right at your fingertips.

Q:  Heather – Is it easy to change your blog into a shop? Which websites are the cheapest but are still professional and give you what you are paying for?

A.  Tip Junkie – If I had a product right now, I would start a blog not a website.  But that’s just me.  I’ve had a website with 600 free printable files and I couldn’t get it off the ground.  So there is a lot of power in blogs.  I would find a blog designer that works with WordPress websites.  It is a  blog with the fun perks and organization that a website gives you.

The Tip Junkie Mom-prenuer Shops has several blog designers that you can hire.

Q:  HeatherHow do you create banners, blinkies and those fun things to add to your blog to promote a business or blog hop and so on?

A:  Tip Junkie – All your technical blogging questions can be answered by reading through the Blogging Tips topics on Tip Junkie.

However, I think specifically you’re looking for this post:  Blogging Tips & Tricks.  It covers all your questions.

Q:  Renee – How to create papers & kits, and embellishments in photoshop 0.7.

A:  Tip Junkie – Um…  I have no idea.  That is a fabulous question.  I’ll find out and get back to you. 😉

Q:  Tracey – Does it make a difference if you upload pictures to your blog directly from your computer, or is it better to upload them to a photo site like Photobucket, then upload them to your blog from there?

A:  Tip Junkie – I always upload my pictures directly from my computer.  Unless I’m editing it with Picnic through Flickr.

Q:  Lisa I was wondering where you found the Tip Junkie {cartoon} lady for your button. Also, on another post I saw something about your Family Home Evening Schedule. What is your FHE schedule?

A:  Tip Junkie – I found my Tip Junkie girl 3 years ago on iStock Photo.  At the time only a couple bloggers {{that I knew about}}  had girls like that and I thought I was being incredibly original.  HA!

About my FHE schedule – I’m not sure what specifically you’re looking for.  Since my boys are getting older, we’ve been reading a book called ‘E is for Ethics’ and doing Scouts for FHE.  {{wink}}

Q:  [email protected] – Is there a special place you are announcing the winners of the Tip Me Tuesday giveaways?

A:  Tip Junkie – Why yes lovely Liz.  I’m listing contacting all the winners directly and am listing them on the Tip Me Tuesday – Winners Page.

I just LOVE seeing everyone’s projects every week and am stoked people are getting to know each other and having fun with Tuesdays.

Ok Ladies, that is it!  I’ve answered all the questions that were asked and hope I was a little helpful.  I just can’t thank you enough for all your help in promoting Tip Junkie and for the lovely e-mails, comments, and Facebook messages I receive everyday.  They make me smile and make me want to make tomorrows post even better than today’s!

Let’s keep the discussion going.  Feel free to ask any of your questions on the TJ Community over on the BlogFrog.  All questions are welcome and there are some fabulous women participating in the discussions.




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  1. Laurie, Thank you so much for sharing the information about your son disgnosis. {I was not aware} It is very inspiring and gives me hope. ~ Stephanie Lynn

  2. Thanks so much for answering my question – I had forgotten I asked it!

    Will definitely add your recommendation of stores to check out on our trip to New England 🙂

    Will let you know how I get on too! (My husband may NOT thank you!!!)

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