Instagram Birthday Bash ~ Add Yours!

Next week Tip Junkie turns 7 years old!  {squeal}  I’m celebrating with the 7th Annual Birthday Bash which features hundreds of birthday party themes, decorating ideas, printables, crafty food, and some pretty over-the-top parties. The birthday bash will continue all week long June 16th -20th. This year, my goal is to make sure that I really help you out planning your party.  Therefore, I will also be answering your:

  • party questions
  • decorating challenges
  • find your child’s must-have party themes

and making the birthday bash a lot more interactive for YOU as well as tons of fun over on Facebook and Instagram!

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Celebrate the Birthday Bash on Instagram!

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{To upload this image to Instagram:  Take a screenshot of this image from your phone and tag @tipjunkie #birthdaybash}

How to Play on Instagram

If you’re an iPhone user, you might have already heard of Instagram and are just as addicted as I am.  It’s seriously the easiest photo editing program I’ve used and such a fun way to interact with friends and family.

Let Tip Junkie do the work and research birthday parties for you!

Just head over to Instagram and sign in to your account {or sign up, it’s free} and search #birthdaybash for two weeks of birthday party collaboration!   In order for me to see your photos and answer your questions, make sure you type in #birthdaybash and @tipjunkie which tags your photo/question so that I can see it,  and so can all the other Tip Junkie’s who are playing along! Each day, you’ll have the opportunity to upload photos of your kids favorite: 

  • June 16th ~ Toy
  • June 17th ~ Movie
  • June 18th ~ TV Show/Cartoon
  • June 19th ~ Book
  • June 20th ~ Sport
  • June 21th ~ Party Colors
  • June 22nd ~ Age to Celebrate
  • June 23rd ~ Room to Decorate
  • June 24th ~ Cake/Cupcake Flavor
  • June 25th ~ Party Game
  • June 26th ~ Food
  • June 27th ~ Say “cheese”

And, I’ll find those party themes for you! {squeal}   Yep, let Tip Junkie do all the research for you and you get all the credit from your kiddo. {evil laugh} By uploading the above photos, you can ask questions, help out fellow Tip Junkie’s, and let Tip Junkie find the perfect party for your son and/or daughter!  Yep, simply upload your photos  via Instagram and make sure you type in @tipjunkie and #birthdaybash so we can all see them and help you out!

How To Upload Image to Instagram?

I’ve been wondering how people upload images online onto Instagram.  Well, it’s easy peasy!  Simply pull up onto your phone and screen shot the image.  How do you screen shot an image?   Well, if you have an iPhone you click the power button {on the top of your phone} the same time as the round main button {on the front bottom of your phone}.  Press them simultaneously really quickly and it will screen-shot whatever is on your phone’s screen.

Link Up So We Can Follow You!

Time to link up!  If you’d like to play along with us… First sign up to Instagram {it’s free} but only a mobile phone app, it’s not currently on the web.  Therefore, you’ll also need to go online and sign up for FollowGram {yep, free}, then link up your FollowGram URL so we can follow you during the Birthday Bash.  I just adore making new friends. Don’t have an iPhone? Then play along over on the Tip Junkie Facebook page!

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