Jane Austen Bracelet

Is your girlfriend a Jane Austen Fanatic? Make her this bracelet with several of the popular characters from the films.

How to:

1. Print off the file below onto Shrinky Dink Paper. (Don’t fade the picture – it’s ready to go.)
2. Cut along the black line – into ovals.
3. Hole punch at the top with a very small punch. (see directions)
4. Cook the Shrinky Dink image according to directions.
5. After it cools – lace onto a bracelet.

The smaller ovals are for the bracelet. The larger image ovals are to make a pendant necklace.

To make the necklace:

1. Make pendant according to directions above.
2. Thread onto stretchy .7 clear plastic threading.
3. Use a crimp bead to crimp the pendant into place, facing forward.
4. Use a second crimp to crimp the plastic together to form the necklace.
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