Justin Bieber Birthday Party Ideas {Justin Beiber}


If your daughter is one of the millions of girls with Bieber fever, you are probably looking for some fun Justin Bieber party ideas.  Here are a few to get you started on your Bieber adventure.

Justin’s favorite color is purple, which I am sure your daughter has told you a dozen times, so start with an easy purple themed party.  Inexpensive plain purple streamers, paper goods, and balloons can be purchased from your local party good store.  And you can make some cute purple treats for your party too, like these from Kyi’s Creations.

You can also dress them up by making your own cupcake sticks with images you can find online and print, or you can find handmade versions like these from ScrapinAsh.

If you want to go the store bought route you can order all sorts of fun supplies from Party City, from VIP name badges to temporary tattoos that would all make fun party favors for Bieber super fans.

If you want more unique, handmade, party favors, head over to Etsy and check out all of the fun choices there.  The girls would go crazy for these Justin Bieber scrabble tile charms.

Or if you want a project for them to work on, have them create their own with a picture from a magazine and this scrabble tile necklace tutorial.

For fun party games, Bieber karaoke is a must.  If you don’t have  a karaoke machine, you can play karaoke videos from you tube on your computer.  but you could also have a little Justin Bieber trivia game and crown the guest that gets the most questions right the biggest Bieber fan.  You can probably find all the facts you need in the magazines in your daughters room, but you can also check out these fun facts over on MTV.  And you can even take your daughters favorite Bieber poster and let the girls play plant a kiss on Justin using paper lips or lip shaped stickers.

Hopefully you will be well on your way to Bieber bliss with these party ideas, and if you have a Bieber themed party to share, we would love to see it.  You can submit it HERE.

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  1. Hi,

    I wanted to write about an unusual experience that my daughter had his last Saturday. Her friend invited her to a Justin Bieber Party. They had the posters of JB the table cloth, plates, cups party favors… but what impressed me and my daughter most was that the birthday girls mom had found a guy that is such a ringer for Justin Bieber to come perform!! He is with a compnay called Look-alikes and Characters Entertainment out of Atlanta, GA. I was so impressed with his performance and back up dancers! I thought it was such a unique idea being that we have been to several JB paties with the same stuff and this one was so exciting!! They performed, danced, taught the kids dance steps, played games and just hung out with the kids for an hour and a half. They also have several other performing look alikes Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Victoria Justice to name a few. I googled them and found them at http://www.partypop.com/Vendors/4268021.htm I thought they were a huge hit!!

  2. Great ideas…I’m looking to do soemthing like this for my stepdaughter’s 7th birthday. She is in love with Justin Bieber. 🙂 thanks!

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