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14 Kids Crafts to Make With Pine Cones


It’s amazing what you can make with pine cones!  Here are 14 incredible things to make with pine cones complete with pictured instructions.  These pine cone craft ideas for kids include pine cone animals, bird feeder, flowers, fairy, elves and much more.

Kids Crafts to Make With Pine Cones-jpg We’ve taken away all the guess work on pine cone craft ideas with these incredible tutorials. For even more ways to use pine cones Tip Junkie’s Creative Community has over 2000 craft ideas.  You can always search there if you’’re looking for more craft ideas with step-by-step instructions. {wink} 

Pine Cone Craft Ideas 

Pinecone Owl

1.  Pinecone Owl ~ Create adorable owls using felt scraps, glue and pinecones.  Make an entire family.  When Christmas rolls around you can add string to them and they’re instant ornaments.  {smiling}

Pinecone Hedgehog

2.  Pinecone Hedgehog ~ Cute and loveable hedgehogs made from pine cones and felt scraps.  Add some googly eyes for added character. 

Pine Cone Spiders

3.  Pine Cone Spiders ~ This creepy crawly spider is made with pipe cleaners, pine cone and lots of googly eyes. 

Washi Tape Pinecone Turkeys

4.  Washi Tape Pinecone Turkeys ~ Gobble Gobble!  Make a pine cone turkey from popsicle sticks, washi tape and of course, a pine cone.  Instead of the popsicle sticks you could use crayons.  {wink}

Rainbow Mouse Family

5.  Rainbow Mouse Family ~  How adorable is this little rainbow mouse family?!  Circles were cut from craft paper and glued to the pine cone for ears.  

Pine Cone Snake

6.  Pine Cone Snake ~ Kids will love making this slithery snake from nature’s elements.  I love that each pine cone is painted a different color.

Things to Make with Pine Cones

Pine Cone Apple

7.  Pine Cone Apple ~ Paint a pine cone with acrylic paint for a rustic looking apple.  Add some twine and a felt leaf.  

Pinecone Bird Feeders

8.  Pinecone Bird Feeders ~ Make your own bird feeder with a pinecone, bird seed and peanut butter.

Pine Cone Flowers

9.  Pine Cone Flowers ~ Create gorgeous pine cone flowers by clipping the scales from a pine cone.  Glue them together in a circle pattern to create the flower.  They’d be beautiful adornments to presents or even vases.

Pine Cone Fairy

10.  Pine Cone Fairy ~ Make beautiful fairy dolls for your fairy garden! The perfect project to make with your kids.

Crafts with Kids

Felt & Pine Cone Elves

11.  Felt & Pine Cone Elves {free pattern} ~ Make some jolly elves from pinecones and felt.  A free pattern is provided to make it easier.  {wink}

Yarn Pine Cones

12.  Yarn Pine Cones ~ Simply wrap yarn around the pine cone to create a gorgeous decoration.  A great fine motor skill. 

 Pinecone Trees DIY

13.  Pinecone Trees DIY ~ Keep in mind that you can whip them up in any color combination and use them for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Easter, New Year’s Eve or any other holiday.  I did mine in a combination of bright colors that I just happen to like for Christmas.

Skiing Pine Cones

14.  Skiing Pine Cones ~ For a fun and wintry feel, this little skiier will delight your child.  Make from a pinecone, toothpicks, popsicle stick, napkin ring, wooden ball and pipe cleaners.

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