Knitting Basics {Learn to Knit}

Knitting Basics {Learn to Knit}

Have you been wanting to learn how to knit? This post takes you step by step through the basic steps of knitting! Once you have that mastered, read on to other posts for some creative knitting projects you can practice your new skill on!

Knitting Basics {Learn to Knit}


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  1. I was thinking the same thing! Also I have a YouTube channel that covers all the stitches in short videos so you go straight to the one you need. Just search AffordableWonders

  2. pic is not knitting needles its a crochet hook lolol you can find how to do that crochet & knitting on you tub too

  3. You might want to change the title since the article is showing crocheting basics, not knitting.

  4. Aww I was going to learn to knit, but that’s crocheting, and I can already do that!!! 🙂

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