13 Last Day of School Gift Tags [free printables]

 The last day of school is a special moment for any kid. The summer holiday is about to start which is certainly reason for celebration but it also means they might not see their teachers and classmates until school starts again. Here are some awesome last day of school gift tag ideas your kids can use to make their gifts for teachers and friends look unique and grateful. Let the fun begin!

Last Day of School

Last Day Of School Gift Tags


13. Teacher “End Of School” Gift Tag

Written Realityby @WrittenReality

This colorful and touching gift tag was designed to accompany a cute gift made using a flower pot and Jolly Rancher candy. Any teacher would love to receive it and be proud of their thoughtful students.

Get printable here: Teacher “End Of School” Gift Tag

12. Printable Fun Last Day Of School Gift Tags

Skip to My Louby @Skiptomyloublog

These gorgeous gift tags look best when printed on colored cardstock and can be used on gifts for teachers, classmates or your own kids!

Get printable here: Printable Fun Last Day Of School Gift Tags

11. Easy DIY Planter Teacher Gift Idea & Gift Tag

The Turquoise Homeby @TheTurquoiseHome

I’ve always enjoyed using planters as gifts. They last a while and everyone loves them. These pretty planters have the most darling gift tags attached to them which will surely impress any teacher.

Get printable & tutorial here: Easy DIY Planter Teacher Gift Idea & Gift Tag

10. Potted Herbs With Gift Tags Teacher Gift Idea

Houseful of Handmadeby @housefulofhandmade

Another awesome planter gift idea that works perfectly for the last day of school, Teacher Appreciation Day and back to school season. Don’t you just love the punny tags?

Get tutorial here: Potted Herbs With Gift Tags Teacher Gift Idea

Gift Tags

Celebrate the last day of school and the start of summer by showing your teacher and classmates what a great year you’ve had because of them. Use these gift tags to attach to simple year end gifts.

9. End Of Year Fabric Gift Tags For Teachers

Life Sew Savoryby @lifesewsavory

You don’t need to be a skilled seamstress to make these cute fabric gift tags. The free template makes this project extremely easy but the results will surely warm the teachers’ hearts.

Get free template here: End Of Year Fabric Gift Tags For Teachers

8. End of Year DIY Gift Tags For Classmates

The Crafted Sparrowby @TheCraftedSparrow

This Kool-Aid gift and attached gift tags†make a clever treat for classmates on the last day of school. More importantly, it’s a quick and easy craft as all you need are some straws, Kool-Aid packets and the printable gift tags.

Get printable here: End of Year DIY Gift Tags For Classmates

7. “Uh-Mason” Teacher Gift Tag

Lil' Lunaby @LilLunaBlog

This cute mason jar sweet gift comes with an even sweeter tag I’d honestly love to receive as a gift from my students if I was a teacher. This gift tag works for any kind of sweet treats as long as they come in a mason jar so you can use the ones you like most.

Get tutorial here: “Uh-Mason” Teacher Gift Tag

6. Playful Last Day Of School Teacher Gift Tags

Love the Dayby @LovetheDay

A party supplies kit and a colorful gift tag will surely lift the spirit of any teacher. One of the simplest but most entertaining teacher gifts that will have guaranteed success.

Get printable here: Playful Last Day Of School Teacher Gift Tags

Printable Gift Tags

Wish classmates and the teacher a wonderful summer with a fun and simple gift. These gift tags are free printables so all you have to do is download, print and attach. So easy!

5. Gorgeous Printable Teacher Gift Tags

I Heart Naptimeby @iheartnaptime

These gift tags have modern, beautiful designs and best of all, they work with pretty much any gift. I’m sure you brainstormed some ideas already. All you have left is to print and cut your gift tags.

Get printable here: Gorgeous Printable Teacher Gift Tags

4. Cute “Tea” DIY Teacher Gift Tag

My Sweet Sanityby @LikeMySweetSanity

If you know your teachers are tea lovers, you can use these thoughtful gift tags on any tea-related gift. They’re super easy to print and cut, plus the blank ones allow you to glue a photo of your child in their center. How cute is that?

Get printable here: Cute “Tea” DIY Teacher Gift Tag

3. Last Day Of School Sidewalk Chalk Gift Tag Printable

The Crafting Chicksby @TheCraftingChicks

Celebrating the last day of school couldn’t get more fun than by making some sidewalk chalk drawings. Your little ones will be thrilled to receive this gift in celebration of their upcoming summer vacation!

Get printable here: Last Day Of School Sidewalk Chalk Gift Tag Printable

2. DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift Tag & Gift Idea

Simple Everyday Mom

Truth be told, there are tons of cute teacher gift ideas out there, but if you were to choose a gift teachers actually want, the options can be limited. Giving them a journal seems like a great idea and attaching these colorful gift tags will only make it better.

Get printable here: DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift Tag & Gift Idea

1. Last Day Of School Gift Tag For Classmates

Just Add Confettiby @justaddconfetti

If your child wants to give all his friends a small treat on the last day of school, this soap bubble gift and gift tag will surely make them happy. Even I still love making soap bubbles and I’m a grownup.

Get tutorial here: Last Day Of School Gift Tag For Classmates

Last Day Of School Gift Tags

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