16 Fun Things To Make For Leap Year!


Here are 16 fun things to make to celebrate Leap Year with your kids!  These Leap Year activities include frog-themed free printables, party ideas and decorating, printable games, crafts for kids, yummy Leap Year food, and even party favors or homemade gifts.

What Is A Leap Year?

A leap year is a year containing one additional day onto the calendar. The additional day is always February 29th and is added once every 4 years.  Why? Leap Years are needed to keep our calendar in alignment with the Earth’s revolutions around the sun.

Leap Year Party Ideas

Leap Year Birthday Party

1.  Leap Year Birthday Party  ~ Leap year only comes around every four years so what better way to celebrate than with a leap frog party?!  The dessert table was decorated in shades of green and of course, frogs!  There are fun food ideas you won’t want to miss.

Frog Prince Birthday Party

2.  Frog Prince Birthday Party ~ Whether your child was born on Leap Year or not, I just adore these color combinations as well as all the fun color patterns that this Frog Prince party includes.  You’ll find several great ideas for your own party.

Free Printables

Free Leap Year Party Printables

3. Free Leap Year Party Printables ~ 2″ Rounds/ 2.25″ Squares and Hanging Tags to have a little fun on this Leap Year!

Fun Things To Make For Leap Year!

4.  How to make the frog party favor bag ~ The easiest way to turn a paper bag into a darling frog printable.  Perfect to hold treats from a party or just for a fun craft with the kids.

5.  Five Green Frogs Music Printable ~ Several fun printables to play the five green frogs music together with your kids.

6.  Pond Life Preschool Activities ~  A few fun pre-school games that teach the pond cycle, colors, and several other games you an do with your toddlers on Leap Year.

7.  Pin the Crown on the Frog – Here’s a poster you can print out on 4 sheets of paper, glue on a green posterboard and laminate, or simply tape together for an easy and fun game!

Frog Activities for Kids

Frog Activities for Kids

8.  Letter “F” Frog ~  A fun way to turn the letter F into a frog!  A fun way to use focus on leaning phonics and words for Leap Year.

9.  Butterfly and Frog Mask Templates ~  You’ll child will love dressing up as a butterfly or frog after you simply print out these masks and tie on a ribbon or piece of yarn.

10.  Paper Plate Frog Craft ~ This Paper Plate Frog is a great preschool or kindergarten craft that uses a paper plate, paint, hand prints, pipe cleaner, and a little bit of paper.

1.  Handprint Frog Craft ~ If you don’t have a paper plate handy, have your child paint paper green or use green construction paper to turn into their own handprints into a fun frog.

Leap Year Party Food

Frog Cupcake Recipe

12.  Frog Cupcake Recipe ~ These cute little frog treats are super simple and fun to make with the kids and perfect for a Leap Year party.

How To Make Apple Frogs

13.  How To Make Apple Frogs ~ A great healthy snack made into frogs from grapes, apples, marshmallow, and chocolate chips!

Froggy Lunch

14.  Froggy Lunch ~  This frog-themed includes:  turkey, cheese, spinach sandwich on a spinach wrap,  oranges, carrots, almond flour cookie.

Princess and the Frog Lunch

15.  Princess and the Frog Lunch ~  Your daughters will love this fabulous princess and the frog lunch which is also a fun idea to use for Leap Year.

Party Favor Gift Ideas

Felt Frog Ribbon Bookmark

16. Felt Frog Ribbon Bookmark ~ How adorable are these ribbon frog bookmarks!  They would make a great gift or crafting activity to do with your children.

More Leap Year Ideas:

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  1. I love the leap yr ideas specially the frog book markers

    My son Joe is a leap baby…born Feb 29th 24 yrs ago


  2. Last leap year fell on a weekend. I did a little research. It was the Julian calendar that first recognized the need for this kooky extra day, so my huband and I had a toga party. (Adults only, but doesn’t have to be.) Who says kids (or frogs) get all the fun?

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