13 Fun Lego Craft Tutorials for Kids


Lego craft are so much fun and provide endless entertainment for children.  These Lego crafts include cake pops, homemade soap, homemade crayons, a travel storage box, a table and bean bags.

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Lego Pops

1.  Lego Cake Pops {Family Fun Craft} ~ Your kids might love building these lego cake pops as much as they love playing with the real thing.  These cute cake pops are easy to construct with just a few candies and are a fun after school treat and a great party favor for a Lego themed birthday party. Lego Pops 2.  Lego Marshmallow Pops~ Create your own Lego cake pops using cake balls or marshmallows for a quicker version.  A food decorator pen was used to draw the adorable faces.

Lego Fruit Pops

3.  Lego Frozen Yogurt Fruit Pops~ A delicious and healthy snack your kids are sure to love!  Yogurt was used for the base of the pop and fresh blended fruit for the lego shapes.  It’s a great way to disguise and introduce new fruits.

Lego Craft

Lego Craft

4.  Lego Soap {Easy Craft}Silicone ice cube trays made perfect molds for this easy craft because the soap just pops out of them and they come in lots of fun shapes. This craft is fun for children at home, or you can wrap a few pieces together to create a homemade project to sell at your next school or club craft fair. Lego Advent Calendar 5.  Lego Inspired Advent Calendar ~ For my advent calendar, I summoned my inner child (as I do for most things) and was subjected to the most amusing time I’ve ever had making treat boxes (thus far, anyway).  I can’t wait to start counting down to Christmas. DIY Lego Jar 6.  Lego Storage Jar~ Recycled baby food jars make excellent lego heads.  Spray paint the jars yellow and let your children draw the faces.  They’re perfect for party favors or decorative storage for Legos.

Stamping with Legos and Craft Foam

7.  Stamping with Legos~ Legos make perfect stamp pads.  Let your child create their own masterpiece with different Lego shapes and ink pads.  Using this idea wouldn’t it be fabulous for homemade wrapping paper?

DIY Lego Crayons

8.  Lego Crayons~ Making your own crayons is easier than you think.  It’s also a great project for using up broken crayons.  Let your children remove the paper from the crayons and place them into the silicone mold.  They can create solid colored crayons or mix the colors to create new ones.  Perfect for party favors!

Lego Creations

Lego Necklace

9.  Lego Creations {necklace} ~ Lego’s aren’t just for playing with.  You can create jewelry and wear them.  If you don’t like the color of the lego simply spray paint it to your desired color.Lego Travel Box 10.  DIY Lego Travel Box ~ This Lego travel box is perfect for trips to grandma and grandpa’s or traveling in the car.  It uses a recycled wooden box with a sliding lid to easily store the Lego pieces in.  A building plate was glued to the lid to stand the Lego pieces on.Lego Table 11.  Lego and Car Table ~ Using an IKEA side table, you can design a table using legos that will be a play area your child will undoubtedly play on every single day.  The table is great with legos and cars because multiple play can occur on it!

DIY Lego Mini Figurines

12.  Salt Dough Lego Mini-Figurines~ Make your own Lego mini-figurines with salt dough and a silicone mold.  Then, let your child paint and design their own mini-figurine.  How fun is that?!  Wouldn’t they be fabulous as ornaments?

DIY Lego Bean Bags 13.  Lego Bean Bags ~ There are so many fun games to play with bean bags such as hot potato or bean bag toss.  This Lego inspired bean bag is made from felt and filled with rice or dried beans.

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