Let's Eat Workshop Week 1 of 3

“What’s for dinner?”

A question that comes up in every household almost every day. Whether you’re single, married, with kids or without, this question will pop in your mind, or ring in your ears at about 5pm every.single.day… UNLESS you have a planNot only will planning a menu save you time and money, it will also encourage healthier eating habits and help save your sanity. Over the next 3 weeks, I’ll show you simple ways to feed your family in an organized fashion.

…so let’s get started, shall we?

Having an actual board to display your menu is absolutely necessary to successful menu planning- let me tell you why…

1. It will help you stick to your plans. When I get up in the morning, I am greeted by my menu board, reminding me I may need to take the meat out of the freezer or get everything thrown into the crockpot before I leave the house. I can look at my menu and think, “There is no way I am going to have time to make Wednesday’s meal today- I need to switch it out with Friday’s meal!” Because my meals are all in plain sight, adjusting is easier and I have time to make adjustments.

2. It is a Good Reminder. What is the point in planning a menu if you can’t remember what you planned?! That scrap piece of paper you made your menu and grocery list on is fine temporarily, but it is more likely to become lost! Display your menu in a permanent location and you won’t spend time digging in your purse to find out what your dinner plans are.

3. Eliminate the question “What’s for dinner” … at least for the ones who can read anyway!

4. It makes you look good. Even if you aren’t that great at menu planning, people will think you are! Let’s be honest, it looks totally domestic and it will impress people!

My menu board is a smooth tile supported by a pretty easel with some vinyl lettering on it.

When I am on top of it, I plan for 2 weeks and I put my meals in 2 columns. I posted a tutorial on how to make your own Tile Menu Board HERE.

Here are some of my favorite ideas from some talented bloggers:

1. Frame some burlap and from Under The Table and Dreaming

2. Get a free menu/grocery list printable from The Project Girl

3. Paint a plaque with chalkboard paint from The Idea Room

4.All Things Beautiful covered and embellished a cork board.

{For more ideas, check my Pinterest board with menu displays }

First, COMMIT to planning a menu for the week. Then, MAKE YOUR OWN menu board! When you are finished, or if you already have your own, leave a comment on this post telling us what you are using or paste a link so we can round up even more ideas!

See you next week when we will discuss

Stephanie Dulgarian is the creator of Somewhat Simple. She is married to her best friend and a mom of 4 kids living Arizona, USA. She loves ice cream, autumn, Sunday naps, traveling, game nights and shopping. She is not a fan of unloading the dishwasher, Peeps marshmallow candies, mushrooms, and she despises laundry more than anything else in the world!

A few of her favorite creations on her blog include “Cute wrapping for a baby boy shower“, “The Excercise Block” and “The Dry-Erase Glass Calendar.”