Lisa Leonard Giveaway and Project Show & Tell




  1. Comment-Anonymous Sonia

    Hey Laurie, I love that giveaway! You sure do come up with great prizes!

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  3. Comment-Anonymous Abigail

    I’m having real trouble adding the tipjunkie button to my sidebar – however I do it, whether pasting the code as is, or editing the code to mimic other buttons that *do* work, it breaks all my text widgets. In fact, pasting the code as is made *all* my text widgets vanish completely. I just spent a very annoying hour putting them all back 🙁
    I’m on self-hosted WordPress, the most recent version. Anyone else have this problem?

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  5. Thanks so much for hosting another great TMT! I just love seeing all the great projects and getting lots of ideas!

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  7. Comment-Anonymous Stephanie @ Geezees

    I love that necklace…great giveaway!!

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  9. Comment-Anonymous Amy @ The Bell Family

    What a terrific giveaway!! I have been coveting those necklaces for some time now.

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