47 Lovely Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Adore


Make something special for mom this Mother’s Day that she’ll treasure forever!  Here are 47 lovely and thoughtful things to make for Mother’s Day including activitieseasy craftsfree printablesflowers and presents kids to make.

Lovely Mother's Day Gifts She'll Adore

Create a new Mother’s Day tradition or do a simple activitiy with your kids with these awesome crafts! Use these pictured instructions to make gifts, activitieseasy craftsfree printablesflowerspresents kids to make, and printable Mother’s Day cards

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Mother’s Day Gifts

Simple Mother's Day Keychain

1.  Simple Mother’s Day Keychain ~ Here’s a frugal and useful homemade gift for mom or grandma on Mother’s Day.  You can stamp the clay with either fingerprints or with letters.

Mother's Day Gift

2.  Silhouette Chalkboard Tutorial ~ A great Mother’s Day gift, this silhouette chalkboard canvas is a fun and inexpensive way to give a personalized item for any home.  Fabulous in any office, bedroom or family room.

Photography Gift Ideas for Mom

Photo Lavender Sachets

3.  Photo Lavender Sachets ~ A set of these Photo Lavender Sachets is the perfect gift for any lady who appreciates the good things in life!

Photo Pendant Bookmarks

4.  Photo Pendant Bookmarks ~ This Photo Pendant Bookmark is the perfect gift for the bookworm in your life!  Simple and easy to make with ribbon, a frame charm and clear printable sticker sheets.  Pair it with a book and you have a fabulous gifts.

DIY Instagram Coasters & Custom Box

5.  DIY Instagram Coasters & Custom Box ~ These photos coasters are any easy, fun and affordable gift.  Great for grandparents who are always looking for a new way to show off photos of the grandkids.

Patchwork Photo Pillow Tutorial

6.  Patchwork Photo Pillow Tutorial ~ A unique and beautiful way to display photos year round!  Use coordinating patterened fabric and fusible photo fabric.

Hand Print Craft and Gift Ideas

Grandparents Day7.  Salt Dough Hand Prints~ These salt dough hand prints are a wonderful keepsake gift!  It’s a great way to capture small hands and see the growth throughout the years.  They are so simple to make and I guarantee you already have all of the ingredients in your kitchen.  {wink}  

Handprint Gifts for Mom

8.  Gifts From The Heart {handprint} ~ So, I decided to create something that would involve the kids and thus be a great grandparent gift.  I call them, “WOOD You Be mine Wall Art”.

First Mother's Day Present {1st Mother's Day}

9.  First Mother’s Day Present {1st Mother’s Day} ~ This gift is precious and will totally show mom how loved she is on her 1st Mother’s Day! You’ll need some flour sack towels and some paint for baby’s footprint. Then print off the beautifully designed tag included in this post and you have a memorable gift to give the new mom!

Bath and Body Homemade Gifts

Homemade Strawberry Bath Soak

10.  Homemade Strawberry Bath Soak ~ Turn a plain bath soak into a retreat with homemade bath salts.  They not only look lovely displayed, but also invigorate and pamper your skin.  Add your favorite essential oils fragrance.

11.  80 Bath Salt and Sugar Scrubs for Great Skin ~ Sugar, Salt, Facial, and body scrubs which is a perfect homemade gift for Mother’s Day.

Homemade Sugar Scrub

12.  Sugar Scrub Cubes in a Jar ~ These homemade sugar scrub cubes will naturally exfoliate your skin. Use this recipe and tutorial to create a batch of your own. Perfect to place in a jar with a cute label and give to a friend!

Homemade Bath Salts 13.  Relaxing Bath Salts {free printable labels} ~ Handmade bath salts packaged in a beautifully labeled jar that are easy and quick to make and gift.

Lemon Sugar Scrub

14.  Lemon Sugar Scrub ~ How scrumptious does this lemon sugar scrub sound, almost good enough to eat. Well settle for rubbing it into your skin, creating soft smooth skin. With a difficulty level of easy anyone can tackle making this sweet scrub!

Handmade Tea Soap plus printable15. Handmade Tea Soap ~  This handmade soap recipe uses tea, giving it a natural and relaxing aroma.  I adore the way they are packaged up to look like tea bags.  You can also print out the tea tags for free.

Handmade Soap Gift {Soap Making Recipes}

16.  Handmade Soap Gift {Soap Making Recipes} ~ Looking for a beautiful and functional gift to make and give? This is a fabulous tutorial on not only how to make soaps, but also how to wrap them up! Lovely to keep or give!

How to Make Lavender Eye Pillows

17.  How to Make Lavender Eye Pillows~ This eye pillow, filled with lavender and rice, is a Mother’’s Day gift that actually takes something away: stress!

Homemade Lip Gloss

18.  Homemade Kiss Gloss ~ Pucker up for some yummy scented lip gloss!  Adding a few drops of essential oils and oil based candy flavoring makes some amazing flavors.  All of the ingredients needed are easy to find and inexpensive.

How To Make Jewelry

Mother's Day Gift

19.  Fingerprint Pendant Tutorial ~ How to make an heirloom mothers necklace or bracelet out of your child’s fingerprint out from clay and beads.

Photo Pendant Necklace 20.  Photo Pendant {tutorial} – Aren’t these personalized photo pendants adorable?!  They are so simple to make too!  Only minimal supplies are needed.  {Hooray}  Add a family photo or a photo of your children.   They are guaranteed to be worn with great pride!  

Footprint Necklace
21.  Baby Footprint Necklace ~ This actual baby footprint necklace is ‘extra special’, personalized, easy, and inexpensive.  Simply stamp the babies footprint onto shrinky dinks, cut around the print and bake to ‘shrink’ the print. 

DIY Silhouette Onesie22.  DIY Silhouette Bracelet ~ Make the perfect keepsake for mom this Mother’s Day.  A pictured tutorial on how to make this darling bracelet out of a crystal drop charms, mod podge, and photoshop.

DIY Hammered Heart Necklace

23.  DIY Hammered Heart Necklace ~ What a simple yet fabulous silver hammered heart necklace! You will be able to create your own using jewelry wire and this easy to follow tutorial.  It’s the perfect way to decorate your neck! {wink}

Mother's Day Jewelry

24.  Love Pendant Necklace {Pendants} ~ Make your own stylish love pendant necklace with this fabulous tutorial! Using some supplies found at your local craft store you’ll be able to create statement piece of jewelry in an afternoon!  You could also spell the word MOM instead of love. {wink}

DIY Jewelry Holder

25.  DIY Jewelry Holder ~ Jewelry is too pretty to hide away in a box.  Learn how to create a beautiful jewelry holder to display your favorite gems.

Presents For Kids To Make

Liquid Soap with Kid's Artwork

26.  Liquid Soap with Kid’s Artwork {tutorial} ~ Check out this fun and easy gift idea, especially perfect for teacher or grandparents.  You can get this particular soap at your local Target, and follow the easy tutorial for adding your child’s own artwork for a fabulous custom gift.

Mother's day Hand print Butterfly 27.  Mother’s day Hand print Butterfly ~ A darling poem from your child or grandchild creating butterfly wings out of hand prints.

DIY iPad Sleeve Using Kids Art {Technology Patterns}

28.  DIY iPad Sleeve Using Kids Art {Technology Patterns} ~ This post features a great project where two awesome objectives comes into play. You’ll learn how to sew a iPad sleeve plus learn how to create this awesome fabric with the help of your kids! A win win all around!

 How To Make String Flowers29.  How To Make String Flowers ~ A fun activity for kids that takes a few household items like glue and string to make fun spring flowers for Mother’s Day.

Printable Coupons


30.  Printable Mother’s Day Coupons~ Download these free printable Mother’s Day coupons to make a sweet homemade gift for your mom! The tutorial will show you how to make the coupons into a cute “matchbook” style booklet that your mom can keep in her purse.  {{wink}}

The Perfect Gift - Service Coupons {Printable}

31.  The Perfect Gift – Service Coupons {Printable} ~ Every mom could use a set of these! Using the fill in the blank coupons any age will be able to find a way to help out mom. Super cute in design, it is a perfect gift!

Mothers Day Printables

Best Mom Ever {free printable}

32.  Best Mom Ever {free printable} ~ This printable Mother’s Day ribbon certifies that the recipient is The Best Mom Ever.  You can print it out in four beautiful colors, so pick Mom’s favorite and make her feel special on Mother’s Day. 

Breakfast in Bed Printables {Mother's Day Breakfast}

33.  Breakfast in Bed Printables {Mother’s Day Breakfast} ~ Is breakfast in bed a tradition in your home? If not, it should be! {wink} This post features beautifully designed breakfast in bed labels! A lovely way to make sure mom knows how appreciated she is!

Mother's Day Printable

34.  All About Mom Questionnaire ~ Find out just how much you really know about mom with this free questionnaire printable. 

Personalized Homemade Gifts

Ladys Apron

35.  Ladys Apron ~ This apron not only provides protection for your clothing, but with this apron, you’ll look super cute with it on! The ruffles and polka dots add fabulous detail to the otherwise simple apron!  

French Inspired Tea Towel Apron

36.  French Inspired Tea Towel Apron ~ If you can sew a straight line then you can make this French Inspired Tea Towel Apron.  It’s made from two large flour sack towels, grommets and twill tape.

10 Minute Dish Towel Apron

37.  10 Minute Dish Towel Apron ~ If you can sew a straight line then you can make this 10 Minute Dish Towel Apron.  All you need is a dish towel, ribbon and other trim.  You can dress it up or down by the amount of trim you add.

Chevron Carry-All {Purses and Totes}

38.  Chevron Carry-All {Purses and Totes} ~ This sewing project will yield a lovely purse perfect for Spring wear!  Or, change the color pallette and you have a purse for the desired season. Thanks to this great tutorial you can put your sewing skills to work and create a stylish tote in no time! Make it a little smaller and it could even make a fun little bag for your girly girl!

Sequin Camera Strap

39.  Sequin Camera Strap {Accessories} ~ This sequin camera strap is fabulous! Easy to create even if you are a non-sewer because this tutorial is no-sew! Makes a great gift too, perfect for the girly girl photography enthusiast!

Studded iPhone Case DIY {Stylish Technology}

40.  Studded iPhone Case DIY {Stylish Technology} ~ Studded anything is such a huge trend right now! This post features a great tutorial on how to create a studded iPhone case that is both super stylish and will help to protect your phone. Easy and inexpensive to make!

Summer Scarf41.  Lace DIY Scarf ~ Here is a lovely scarf you can make yourself with the help of this fabulous post! Using a large strip of lace fabric you can create a perfect accessory to add to your summer wardrobe! Easy to make and super stylish to wear!

DIY Leather Journal {Anthropologie Inspired}

42.  DIY Leather Journal {Anthropologie Inspired} ~ Using a scrap piece of leather you can make mom a beautiful Anthropologie Inspired journal.  The tutorial even shows you how to hand sew the paper to the leather case.  I love that there’s slots to store your pen or pencil too!

DIY Heat Pack

43.  DIY Heat Pack ~ This simple sewing project makes a useful get well gift, and you can customize it with your choice of aromatherapy for a little extra indulgence.  My preference is lavender, but you can also add mint, eucalyptus, or cloves.

Mothers Day Flowers

Mother's Day Flowers

44.  Coffee Filter Corsage {Things to Make} ~ Give mom a beautiful corsage to wear for Mother’s Day that you have created.  Using coffee filters and art supplies you can create a one of a kind treasure that Mom will enjoy showing off.

Mother's Day Flowers

45.  How to Make a French Hand-tied Bouquet {flowers} ~ Since I was young, I’ve loved making hand-tied bouquets as gifts for friends.  The French love tightly packed bouquets with lots of greenery and created the spiral stem technique. The cute little water pack, makes for easy transportation. This is my version for Mother’s Day. Enjoy!

Blooming Mother's Day Monogram {Mother's Day Flowers}

46.  Blooming Mother’s Day Monogram {Mother’s Day Flowers} ~ This might just be the most stylish Mother’s Day flower arrangement I’ve ever seen! Perfect to help decorate for Mom’s big day! Learn how to create one yourself with this fabulous tutorial!

DIY Fresh Flower Banner

47.  DIY Fresh Flower Banner ~ Instead of a bouquet of fresh flowers you can arrange them on a banner for mom!  It’s unique and gorgeous.  Use the free templates to make your own.

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