Make a Pomander or Kissing Ball for a Mistletoe Kiss!


It’s the second week in our “How to Date your Spouse” challenge.  This week we’re keeping the date easy and crafty by making a pomander (kissing ball) for a mistletoe kiss from your honey! {{no babysitters needed}}

So here are several tutorials on how to make a pomander and grab your kiss under mistletoe!  I realize that kissing balls and mistletoe is usually hung during Christmas time, but with Valentine’s Day around the corner and our date this week, I just couldn’t help but show you all the fun tutorials I have found.

Kissing Ball

kissing ball

1.  Kissing Ball by Martha – How to make a foliage kissing ball using wire, ribbon, and foliage.
2.  DIY Felt Kissing Ball – The tradition of kissing under a ball of mistletoe can be created in your own home with this darling felt kissing ball.



3.  Victorian Rosebud Kissing Ball – A popular decoration in the 18th and 19th centuries, the rosebud-covered balls make a comeback this year.  This one is made with dried rosebuds.
4.  Map Kissing Ball – A bit pine cone reminiscent, made from one Styrofoam ball, a scrap of ribbon, an old map, and hot glue!
5.  DIY Tissue Pomanders – These step-by-step instructions will show you how to make Marinag’s gorgeous Tissue Pomanders.
6.  Fabric Flower Kissing Ball – To make this kissing ball, I started with a small styrofoam ball and glued on fabric flowers. The flowers are made out of white quilt batting and I used the same method to make the flowers that I used on my paper flower wreath and tacks.


7.  Gum Drop Pomander Ornament {Tutorial} – This pomander was made into an ornament for Christmas, but you can also use just the red and white ones for Valentine’s Day.  {{giggle}}  Or find another candy that would work as well.


8.  Felted Wool Pomander Tutorial – How to make a felted kissing ball out of felted wool roses.
9.  Wedding Pomander Balls: Peony Design – These peony pomander balls (also known as wedding kissing balls) are very elegant and easy to make.
10.  Stash crafted ruffle pomander ornament – There are just so many things to love about these no sew, nearly free, super easy, fabric scrap utilizing little gems! I had everything to make them on hand in the craft room.
11.  Mini Carnations & Pom Pom Mums Tutorial – We use two different methods when making a kissing ball. For mums, we like to use a Styrofoam ball. For the carnations, we use an Oasis ball.

Kiss Under Mistletoe

kiss under mistletoe

12.  Paper Kissing Ball – A detailed picture instructions on how to make this kissing ball as a paper craft.
13.  Book Page Kissing Ball – Make this darling kissing ball out of a book page as an ornament or to kiss under mistletoe.

How to Date Your Spouse Challenge:

Date #2 Under Mistletoe

How to Prepare

Early in the week, put a Hershey’s kiss with a little love note somewhere where he will find it.  In his car, by his sink, on his dresser, etc.  Next, make (or buy) a lot of Kissing Balls.  {tutorials above}  Feel free to go as simple or elaborate as your time and budget will allow.  You can also simply hang “Kiss Me” paper hearts around the house as well.  OR you can put chocolate kisses in different places – and tell him that when he finds one – he needs to find you. {{wink}}

The Date

On Friday hang up all of your kissing balls throughout the house, and every time you find your love underneath the kissing ball – you kiss him!  Stick some in obvious places, like right over the front door, by his computer desk, by the TV.  Make them prime targets.  Next plan some ambushes!  The hall closet, where you’ll grab him and pull him in, a tree along the route of an evening stroll, your shower.  {{evil laugh}}

The date book suggests that on date night, give him a special a small but special present.  His special love-gift contains yet another sprig of mistletoe – pinned to the front of a silky new pair of boxers.

Are you in?!?  Come join the dating chat over on the TJ Community.

Thanks to these fabulous kissing ball making mavens for all your fabulous tutorials, feel free to grab my “I’ve been featured” button from Tip Junkie. You’ve earned it! {{high fives}}

Feel free to share all your homemade project ideas with us! Simply leave the link to your blog post in the comments, or upload a photo to the Tip Junkie Facebook page. I adore hearing from you. {{wink}}

Tip Junkie ~ Laurie Turk

Question of the Day:
What has been your favorite date with your man?

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    Hey Laurie! I’ve been following for awhile and star/bookmark almost every post! =) anyway, I got a tip on something fun to do for your husband last year and completed it as a Christmas gift for my husband this past year. I just blogged about it yesterday if you’re interested!

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  3. Comment-Anonymous Sarah Ives

    Love the ideas for the all the different kissing balls. Very creative ways to get a kiss!

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