How-to Make Flowers out of Sheet Metal


make flowers

I just adore these beguiling blossoms from Amy.  She shows us how to make flowers using sheet metal to create these stacked flowers which are sure to delight and impress!

These flowers are made with a very unlikely element: sheet metal! By juxtaposing something so industrial with homey elements like burlap and buttons, the end result is, in my estimation, truly beguiling! It will only take an afternoon to make enough of these little jewels to cover every special person

Make Flowers

The possibilities are endless on how to use these sheet metal flowers.  I’m thinking:

  • Homemade Ornaments
  • Gift Toppers
  • Attach to an envelope as a gift card holder
  • Sky’s the limit really!

More Fabric Flower Patterns and Tutorials:

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
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