Make Your Own Digital Timeline! {TJCC perk}


The  Tip Junkie Creative Community {free membership site} has so much functionality that I want to make sure that you are aware of all the perks and fabulous things that it does.  In order to help you maximize your experience on the site I want to share with you all the things it does and all the ways that you can use the site the make it work for you!   Whether you are a blogger, a student, a busy mother or grandmother, an educator or just an internet browser, the site has been designed with you in mind, and it’s FREE.  No strings attached.  {{high fives}}

TJCC craftroom

Make Your Own Digital Timeline!

In the Tip Junkie Creative Community you can:  Add your own tutorials in order to populate your timeline!   Upload your photos of parties, inspiration, seasonal decor, kids bedrooms, heirlooms, quilts, school projects, printables, etc. and let Tip Junkie create a Digital Timeline for you.

TJCC timeline

TUTORIAL is:  An easy way to share your step-by-step pictured instructions.  Tip Junkie will promote your tutorial for you – no blog needed!  Now, you don’t need to be a blogger or have a social platform to share your talent!  {Here’s an example of a TUTORIAL on the TJCC.}

The best part?!?  Everything you make and upload to the TJCC will stay on your profile page in one easy place!  Yep, you’ll be populating your online craft room to create a digital timeline for yourself and at the same time share with fellow creative women.  I will also give you URL’s that you share with friends and family.  AND I’ve even created an “embed” button where people can get the HTML {code} to blog about your project withOUT stealing it!  The TJCC is powerful yet easy to use.  {high fives girlfriend}

Timeline Perks

1.  Everything you make and upload to the TJCC will stay on your profile page in one easy place!

2.  Get your own URL so that you can share your talent and ideas with friends and family.

3.  Watch members utilize the “embed” button to blog about your project withOUT stealing it!

It’s so easy to upload your crafty ideas to the Tip Junkie Creative Community.  Not only is it free to use, user friendly and super fun, I feature some of my favorite tutorials each week!  I challenge you to begin to Make Your Own Digital Timeline today.

Ready, Set. GO!!!!!

More Tips for Using the Tip Junkie Creative Community

TJCC craftroom

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