Make Your Own Play Dough Kits

These DIY Play Dough kits are perfect for birthday party favors or to pass out as classroom treats, especially if you are trying to find an alternative to sweets.  The kids will love mixing up this easy recipe.

Make Your Own Play Dough Kits


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  1. Nicole, I found a similiar recipe that had these ingredients that might work better 🙂
    1 cup flour
    • ½ cup salt
    • 1½ Tbsp cooking oil
    • 1 small package unsweetened Kool-Aid ( 6 g pkg )
    • 1 cup boiling water

    Looks like there is more flour but also more water in this one. Maybe try adding flour slowly and keep track of the amounts, that way you know exactly what would work for the playdough kits 🙂

  2. I loved this idea! Thankfully I did a trial run before the birthday party because I found that the recipe didn’t work at all. Ended up with a big goopy mess. Wondering if the flour measurement is incorrect??? Had to add a bunch more flour and then it turned out better. Any ideas????

  3. […] My son’s first grade class was asked to send in something small to give the class for Christmas.  They are teaching about giving and thinking of others on Christmas.  A great lesson, especially for young kids.  I was browsing Pinterest for inspiration with my 6 year old by my side, and we spotted this snack mix.  Perfect!  We also made, make your on play-doh kits.  You can see instructions for those at Homemade Tip Junkie. […]

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