13 Meaningful Money Gift Ideas by Age


The most creative money gift tutorials for cash gifts and gifting money. You’ll love these creative ways to wrap cash for great monetary gifts.  They include money poppers, money soap, money chocolates, money necklace, rainy day money, money balloons, birthday cake and graduation money gift ideas.

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Tip Junkie has 365 money gift tutorials including over 127 cash gifts all with pictured tutorials to learn or how to make.  You can always search there if you’re looking for more homemade gifting tutorials with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

Money Gift ~ Kids

Money Confetti Poppers

1.  Money Confetti Poppers ~ Giving the gift of cash is sometimes better than a gift card as the recipient can spend it anywhere.  Package it in a push pop container and add confetti for a fun gift idea.

Money Rosette

2.  Money Rosette ~ In addition to a small gift you can beautifully wrap the package with a money rosette.  It’s a creative gift idea that is more festive than just handing out an envelope of money because it shows just how much effort you put into gift giving.

Birthday Money Cake

3.  Birthday Money Cake ~ Who needs a traditional birthday cake when they can have this money cake?!

Cash Gifts ~ Teenager

DIY Money Pad

4.  DIY Money Pad ~ Instead of giving cash in a card, this is a fun and creative way to gift someone money. Get up to 50 crisp bills from the bank (any denomination depending on the amount you want to give), stack them in between two pieces of cardboard and use rubber cement to creating a binding. (You need about 10 coats). Then the recipient can just tear it off one bill at a time.

Money Balloons

5.  Money Balloons ~ What a fun and unique way to gift money!  Have your local party store inflate balloons with money and confetti.  Imagine how much fun the graduate will have popping the balloons to figure out how much money is inside.

money necklace

6.  Money Necklace DIY ~ Instead of a bouquet of flowers consider giving a money necklace! A video tutorial is provided to make the origami flowers.  They’’re fun for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, teacher appreciation day or even after dance/music recitals.

Candy & Cash Gift

7.  Candy & Cash Gift ~  A perfect gift for the graduate!  Purchase their favorite candy bars and wrap the money around the candy and attach a cute ribbon.

DIY Money Gift

8.  Box of Chocolates Money Gift ~ Money is the gift everyone loves, but sometimes it feel like it’s not very thoughtful when you hand over a twenty in a card, right?  So for the person who has everything, transform some cold hard cash into this lovely box of “chocolates”.  Fabulous for a college student!

Money Gift9.  Easy Money Soap Tutorial ~ This is a fun and creative way to give someone money as a gift.  And the best part?  You don’t have to make the soap.  The tutorial shows you how to drill a space into a store-bought bar and fill it back in.  Great for a graduation gift. 

Gifting Money ~ Graduate

Money Card Gift Idea

10.  Money Card Gift Idea ~ Here is another clever way to give money!  Simply download and print the money card gift box with card stock.  You could also put a small gift in the box instead of money.

graduation diplomas

11.  Graduation Gift with Dollar Diplomas ~ Show the brilliant graduate that their hard work has paid off with this jar of diploma money!  I love how the money is rolled up and tied to resemble diplomas.  

rainy day funds

12.  Rainy Day Funds ~ Attach dollar bills to string and tape to an umbrella.  When the umbrella is opened the recipient will be showered with money!

Money Chain for the Graduate

13.  Money Chain for the Graduate ~ Give a gift that any graduate would love, a chain/lei made from money.  With a stapler and a stack of dollar bills you can create a fun graduation gift that is sure to be a hit with any graduate.  



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