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  1. Comment-Anonymous

    Hi lve been looking for the lower case alphabet too???

  2. Comment-Anonymous

    These are GREAT!!! I am excited about using them…I do not see the lower case printable though. 🙁 Where is that?


  3. Comment-Anonymous

    I love the cheerful graphics and the easy to read letters. Thanks so much!

  4. Comment-Anonymous
    Linda Reed

    Great ideas for using letter cards. I taught preschool for 16 years in the 80’s, 90’s; some of these ideas are not new to me but many are. Thank you for the ideas (and jogging my memory) I can now use with my great grandchildren.

  5. Comment-Anonymous
    Kimmy Davis

    These are pretty darn cool, and fun 🙂 I printed out the list games, I made a set of upper case and a set of lower case (I marked those with a tiny dot so they didn’t get mixed up with the uppercase ones) and put them all on our son’s pin-board. He’ll love them–and it’s a different way to practice his sight words! (Kindergarten is hard now!)

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