Memorial Day Is Time to Play!


Memorial Day is such a fun time to play with your family.  Here are several family activities that you can do to make the day even more eventful!

Memorial Day Is:

Time to make Hand Print Flags – Kimberly has some fun activities planned for her kiddos this Memorial Day: Patriotic Straw Painting, and Patriotic Painting with Brushes. Wow!

Memorial Day Is time to make Fancy Patriotic Parfait.  Here are some of Kimberly’s other suggestions:

  • Watch a parade
  • Wear red, white and blue clothing
  • Invite some friends over for a backyard BBQ
  • Make cards for Veterans and drop them off at a nearby Home for Veterans
  • Visit a Veterans Memorial

Are the kids asking why we celebrate Memorial day, here’s the link a history of Memorial Day.

More Memorial Day Activities from Tip Junkie


  1. Comment-Anonymous Merrianne & Spencer

    (and i also love that apples 4 the teacher site!)

    That little hand looks so sweet and not to mention the parfait! 🙂

    I love your blog…i’ll definitely be back!!!


  2. Comment-Anonymous Shawn

    Wow, Apples 4 the Teacher is a GREAT website! Thanks for sharing!!!

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