10 Easy Messy Bun Hat Patterns [Crochet & Knit]


How to make messy bun hats, also known as ponytail hats. Use these free patterns to create your own winter beanie in a fun hip hop style. These messy bun designs include both crochet and knit hats that are super fabulous and on trend. You’ll love to wear these hats, and they’ll keep you warm!  {{knuckle bumps}}

Grab your yarn and needles and hook, you are going to love making any one of these messy hat patterns including a puff stitch hat, mommy and me hats, cable stitch bow hat, plaid hat and so much more!

Messy Bun Hat

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Repeat Crafter Me

Free Crochet Pattern

1. Crochet your own mommy and me messy bun hats by Repeat Crafter Me. It’s fairly simple using a cluster v stitch, plus there’s a video tutorial included.

CDM Handmade

2. Step by step instructions on how to make a cabled messy bun bow hat by CDM Handmade. So pretty!

Posh Patterns

Ponytail Hat

3. Crochet an beautiful messy bun hat using a puff stitch by Posh Patterns. It’s crocheted around a ponytail elastic so it gives it a tighter fit around your ponytail.

Daisy Cottage Designs

4. You’ll adore this free pattern to make a kids messy bun hat by Daisy Cottage Designs. If you want to make one to match your daughter she also has a free adult pattern too!

Rescued Paw Designs

5. Make your own trendy messy bun beanie in 1 hour by Rescued Paw Designs.  All you need is 1 skein of cozy wool yarn, hair elastic and a crochet hook.

Megan Shaimes

6. This textured bun hat by Megan Shaimes for Ravelry is absolutely adorable! It’s the perfect project to use up some of your scraps of yarn.

Whistle & Ivy

7.  Learn how to crochet a messy bun hat in a plaid pattern by Whistle & Ivy. When wearing it try adding some pretty ribbons for a feminine touch.

8. Learn how to crochet a messy bun beanie hat using Melanie Ham’s video tutorial.

Red Heart

Knit Pattern

9. This adorable knitted messy bun hat by Red Heart is sure to keep your head warm during the winter months. It’s basically a regular knit beanie with a hole in the top to wear a ponytail or bun.

Woolly Wormhead for Ravelry

10. A free pattern to knit a tea cozy hat by Woolly Wormhead for Ravelry. It has a drawstring opening so you can tighten or loosen it to accommodate your ponytail or bun.

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  1. I want to get the pattern for the messy bun hat in white and like a teal/blue with mother daughter pictured. I had the pattern now can’t find it for the life of me and need it to make hats for my daughters (special requests 🙂 ) Thank you so much! Susan Lawton

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