6 Mitten Sewing Patterns From Old Sweaters


How to make mitten sewing pattern, and comfy smitten from upcycled sweaters complete with pictured instructions on how to make for homemade gifts. Use these free patterns to create your own sweater mittens in a fun trendy style.  These designs include convertible mittens, dip-dyed mittens and even fingerless mittens that are super fabulous.  You’ll love to wear them and they’ll keep you warm!  {{knuckle bumps}}

Tip Junkie has over 1000 sewing patterns including over 1000 Homemade Christmas Gifts  all with pictured tutorials to learn on how to make.  You can always search there if you’re looking for more Simple Gifts with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

Mitten Sewing Pattern

Turn an Old Sweater into Mittens

1. Turn an Old Sweater into Mittens ~ This sweater repurpose idea is so cleaver! By taking that old, unwanted sweater you can easily create warm and cozy mittens to help keep you warm this winter! All you need is the sweater, scissors and a sewing machine!

diy dip-dyed sweater mittens

2. DIY Dip-dyed Sweater Mittens ~Here is a great post to make a pair of cozy dip-dyed mittens! Perfect for these cold winter months coming up! Great for even the sewing beginner!


Sweater Mittens How to

3. Sweater Mittens How to ~ A sweater and a mitten makes a smitten. {snicker} Turn an old sweater into a pair of mittens to keep warm this winter. While you’re at it make one for every family member.

Upcycled Sweaters

Fingerless Mittens

4. Fingerless Mittens ~ Keep your finger tips free for easy texting or holding a hot beverage with these adorable mittens.  All fingers are open to keep your fingers free to use your phone.

convertible mittens

5. How to Make Convertible Mittens ~ Do you like to keep your fingers covered, but then also like them free to text? This simple pattern shows you how to make convertible mittens so that you can have the best of both worlds. {smiling}

Make a Sweater into Mittens

6. Make a Sweater into Mittens ~ These upcycled mittens are the the perfect way to keep warm this winter. Leave the wrist plain and they are perfect for men or add buttons or weave a ribbon to make them feminine.


6 Mitten Sewing Patterns From Old Sweaters

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Mitten Sewing Pattern

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