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14 Things to Make with M&Ms


How to make fun things with M&Ms.  These M and M tutorials include an m&m cake, m&m cupcakes, m&m blondie samoas, m&m bark, confetti cookies, vanilla chex mix, m&m math, m&m painting and m&m science experiments.

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M&M's Recipes

1.  M&M Cake ~ Decorate your favorite cake with Kit Kat’s and M&M’s.  You can use your own cake recipe or even use a cake box mix.


2.  M&M Cupcakes ~ Indulge in these sinful dark chocolate cupcakes!  They have a marshmallow frosting that is dipped in chocolate ganache.  And, the cherry on top, m&m’s.

M and M Recipes

M and M Recipes

3.  Confetti Cookies ~ Yummy buttery cookies with bits of broken m&m’s.

M&M Recipe

4.  Valentine M&M Samoa Blondies ~ Take a bite out of these delicious bar cookies.  You’ll taste the rich goodness of brown sugar and a familiar crunch, m&m’s.

M and M Recipes

5.  M & M Bark ~ A scrumptious sweet and salty candy bark treat!  You can whip up a quick batch without having to bake it.  {{wink}}  The ingredients are layered on a pan and topped with microwave melted caramels.

M and M Recipes

6.  M&M Pumpkin Pudding Cookies ~ A fun holiday chocolate chip cookie that can be changed from season to season by replacing the pudding flavor.

M and M Recipes

7.  Rainbow Malt Cake ~ There are lots of great uses for this pretty cake.  Perfect for a birthday party with a rainbow theme, an art or colors theme, or just bring it in for a co-worker who got a kick out of the “double-rainbow” viral video.  Ha ha.

M and M Recipes

8.  Carrot Brownies ~ Who can resist rich, chocolatey and chewy brownies?!  Not I!  These even have freshly grated carrots in them?  That makes them healthy, right?!

M&M Recipe

9.  Vanilla Chex Mix ~ A yummy and pretty snack mix that is perfect for a birthday party, Valentine’s Day, or you can customize the color to match your party or event!

M&M Activities for Kids

M&M Activities for Kids

10.  Teaching Confidence {Teaching Kids Confidence} ~ This is a brilliant post about how to creatively teach our kids to have confidence! With the help of some m&m cookies your kids will leave the family time with a better understanding of what confidence is and how to achieve it for themselves!

M&M Activities for Kids

11.  Painting with M&Ms ~ Who would have thought that you could paint with M&M’s?!  All it takes is a little water and m&m’s.  It also makes a fun craft for preschoolers that covers all of the senses, sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste.

M&M Activities

12.  M&M Counting & Sorting ~ M&Ms make incredible math manipulatives.  You can let children sort, count and arrange the m&ms into different patterns.

M&M Activities

13.  Floating M&M’s ~ A fun science experiment for kids!  Will the m&m float or sink in warm water?

M&M Activities for Kids

14.  M&M School Bus Math {free template} ~ M&M’s make wonderful counters for math projects.  Print the free bus template, grab some dice and play the number recognition game with it.

More Things to Make:

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